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UN Climate Change Conference known as COP27 ends

At the Sharm el-Sheikh Climate Change Conference (COP 27), countries came together to take action towards achieving the world’s collective climate goals as agreed under the Paris Agreement and the Convention. The conference took place from 6-20 November 2022 in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt.
The UN Climate Change Conference is held each year with participation of representatives of most countries of the world. This year’s conference took place in Egypt’s Sharm el-Sheikh. No political envoy from the Islamic Emirate was participated in the conference, but head of environment, learning and development Abdul Hadi Achakzai took part as an unofficial representative from Afghanistan.
Achakzai delivered his speech and spoke about Afghanistan climate crisis. According to Achakzai, the United Nations Climate Change Conference COP27 closed on 20th November with a breakthrough agreement to provide “loss and damage” funding for vulnerable countries hit hard by climate disasters.
In his speech at the conference, Achakzai asked representatives of the world countries to include Afghanistan in the list of vulnerable countries hit by climate disasters, stressing that the issue of environment protection should be apolitical. He also asked the world countries to pay particular attention to the climate change considered as vital for the people of Afghanistan.
In his speech, Achakzai also raised the issue of floods, earthquake and air pollution that have changed to key problems for the people of Afghanistan, stressing that Afghanistan is currently one of the sixth vulnerable countries hit by climate change in coming years.
During his stay in Egypt, Achakzai has met with representatives of 40 countries and 700 NGOs to ask them to decide on climate change of Afghanistan. Besides, in G20 meeting, he asked the world representatives to pay further attention to renewed energy, agriculture and climate change in Afghanistan, asking for their continued aids to control poverty in the country.
In the meeting, Columbia has promised to speak about the climate crisis in Afghanistan and helped in absorbing aids for Afghanistan to address the climate crisis. According to Achakzai, Afghanistan currently needs $2 billion for the climate change, but if the climate crisis not addressed, the country with passing each single day will need $20 billion. Afghanistan is considered as the sixth country in terms of the phenomenon of climate change, but fortunately, the factors that have caused climate change, Afghanistan’s part is 0.6 percent of greenhouse emissions which is equal to zero, but we must consider the global perspective. It is worth mentioning that COP27 brought together more than 45,000 participants to share ideas, solutions, and build partnerships and coalitions. Indigenous peoples, local communities, cities and civil society, including youth and children, showcased how they are addressing climate change and shared how it impacts their lives.
Shukria Kohistani

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