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Ulama key figures to resolving Islamic Ummah’s challenges

One of the essential duties of Ulama in Islamic societies and the Muslim community is to address misunderstandings and controversies, promote unity within the public, and improve relationships between Islamic countries. This duty inherently falls upon the Ulama, who holds a high position in the Islamic community and, with their elevated status, can effectively fulfill this significant task. Undoubtedly, in every country, there are Ulama and intellectuals who not only hold a special place among the people but also have considerable influence and prominence within the governments. The leader of the Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam in Pakistan, Maulana Fazlur Rahman, is considered one of the prominent Ulama and intellectual figures who plays a significant role among the people and the government of Pakistan, holding a high position. Despite facing constant criticism from certain adversaries, various accusations have been directed towards him. Nevertheless, in essence, this rev ligious scholar is one of the distinguished and influential figures in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, with millions of supporters, and even other Islamic countries highly respect his position and status. During the period of the Russian and American invasions of Afghanistan, this religious scholar faced staunch opposition from the occupiers, and his supporters and sympathizers consistently served the mujahidin and Afghan refugees. This religious scholar continued to play a positive role in the awakening of the nation and Afghan Ulama, contributing to the better education of Muslim children. In contrast to other political parties in Pakistan, he established good relations with Afghan Ulama and favored the Islamic system led by the mujahidin and Ulama in Afghanistan. Now, with the increase in attacks in Pakistan by opponents of its government and the growing misinterpretation of the current situation, especially concerning Afghanistan, this respected scholar and prominent figure of the Islamic Ummah has been invited by the Islamic Emirate to examine and improve the relationship between the two Islamic countries and address Pakistan’s misconceptions about the current situation. Ulama are key to unlocking the problems of the Muslim Ummah and Islamic countries. We hope that this knowledgeable Muslim scholar, with their esteemed presence, will rectify the misinterpretation of Pakistan and illuminate the atmosphere of the two Islamic countries. The Afghan people warmly welcome this benevolent and experienced political-religious scholar, hoping that with the collaboration of the world Ulama, the remaining issues of the Muslim Ummah and Islamic countries will be addressed. Mainly, it is hoped that discussions will revolve around the distressing situation in Palestine and Gaza, and the Jewish state and the United States refrain from committing genocide and being involved in terrorist and ruthless actions in recent days.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.