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UK to contribute Afghanistan worth £ 25 million

To investigate the situation of those suffering from drought in Afghanistan the United Kingdom helps this country worth £ 25 million.
With the release of a report in its internet page, the government of United Kingdom (UK) has said minister of international development of Britain has proclaimed that the money would spent for procurement of food items, tent and drinking water to those who suffered losses as a result of drought in Afghanistan.
Ms. Mordaund was speaking about her country’s fresh assistance to Afghanistan in a time that international conference has been held in Geneva city of Swiss about Afghanistan.
At the outset of this conference, she demanded from other countries to help this country for preventing from human tragedy in it.
UK says beside its £ 25 million assistance another £ 100 million that since the beginning of current year helped for investigation to the situation of those suffered from drought, the total contribution of UK to Afghanistan will reach to £ 67 million.
At the same time, a number of (IDPs) that left their native places as a result of drought and insecurity and had come to Kabul say that still, they are in need of cooperation and are demanding from government and international community to contribute them.
One of displaced people, Gul Agha in the connection said that the winter arrived but so far no one assisted us. So, we want government to help us.
Economic witnesses expressing their concern over IDPs situations briefing The Kabul Times said that now, a great number of our compatriots have been displaced as a result of drought and wars. So they abandoned their houses for Kabul.
It is necessary the government and donor nations to render their assistance to these families.
A lecturer of Kabul university, Saifuddin Saihoon in the connection said that although some assistance have been done for IDPs in some extent, but because of arrival of winter, the government and donor countries should pay more heed to the situation of IDPs. Because, majority of them have no quilt to keep themselves warm and also the cold weather causes the illness of their children.
A number of these displaced people want government to render immediate assistance to them.
Today that the UK rendered its humanitarian assistance is a good step. We hope these assistances not to be embezzled and reach for the victims of drought.
Relief assistance would be executed by WFP with the support of ministry of agriculture.
UK and Australia are the countries that contributed in this process.
At the same time, the people say that the government should consider in its programs, numerous measures in connection with drought and demand from relief organizations to help those people who suffered from drought in twenty provinces of the country.
It is said that the provinces of Badghis, Farah, Dykundi, Samangan, Sheberghan, Ghor and others are located in the north and northwestern regions that are experiencing drought. So, they sustained much losses.
They lost their animal and even a number of these areas people left their regions and sheltered in other parts of the country where there are less threat of drought. These are domestic displaced people, and in collaboration with relief institutions, the government should cooperate them and there are some threats the drought would endanger them more.
The people demand from ministry of agriculture, animal husbandry and irrigation to procure sufficient wheat for IDPs so that they remain secure from danger of drought in some extent.
Previously, WFP had under its assistance that covered over 440000 people in five provinces of Afghanistan. With the expansion of sufferings stem from droughts, this assistance covers 20 provinces that with doing so, about one million and 400 thousands people would benefit from the assistance of this organization. This is in a time that a number of IDPs caused by drought were settled in some parts of the capital, Kabul and are awaiting for humanitarian assistance.

Shukria Kohistani

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.