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UK supports inclusive peace process: Ambassador Bristow

By: The Kabul Times

KABUL: British Ambassador to Afghanistan, Sir Laurie Bristow, presented his credentials to President Mohammad Ghani at the Presidential palace on Monday, a presidential statement said yesterday.

Welcoming the new British ambassador, the President first said that terrorism is an ecosystem and that a joint fight is needed against it. He added that Taliban violence increases the hatred of the people against them and that they should choose to negotiate in order to solve the current problems, the presidential palace statement added.

President Ghani also stressed the importance of Britain’s role in the peace process, saying that peace and war in Afghanistan have a greater positive or negative impact on Pakistan than any other country in the region, adding that Pakistan must practically prove its commitments.

Ambassador Sir Laurie Bristow spoke to President Ghani and reaffirmed the UK’s commitment to Afghanistan. He emphasized that the UK would continue to support the Government of Afghanistan, including its efforts to counter terrorism, through diplomatic and development work and support to the security sector, another statement from the British Embassy in Kabul said.

“I am honored to present my credentials as British Ambassador to Afghanistan to President Ghani. The UK’s commitment to Afghanistan remains as strong as ever. We continue to support an inclusive peace process, partner on counter-terrorism activity and provide substantial development and humanitarian support. It is a privilege to arrive at a time when this work is more important than ever,” the statement quoted the Ambassador as saying.

This comes as British Prime Minister Boris Johnson spoke to President Ghani on 17 June. The Prime Minister confirmed the UK’s commitment to supporting Afghanistan to achieve a stable and democratic future following the withdrawal of NATO troops.

He said the UK would use the full spectrum of our diplomatic, development and defence work to achieve this. The Prime Minister said the UK would continue to support a negotiated political settlement as the best path to peace in Afghanistan.


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