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U.S. should be honest in its Afghanistan’s sayings

The United States has long announced that it was working with the allies to have Afghanistan reintegrated in the international system. Recently, the U.S. designated special representative for Afghanistan said that the U.S. welcomed the continuation of the “format” (pointing to Doha meeting) as well as calls for a UNled process to develop a roadmap for Afghanistan’s full integration in the international system. In a series of his posts on X, Thomas West said that there remains a strong consensus on collective interests in Afghanistan. Parts of his X posts, once again referred to the potential use of Afghanistan by militant groups against other nations, as well as women and girls rights to work and education saying: “No country wants to see the emergence of a terrorism threat from Afghanistan.” All want to see women and girls return to secondary school, university, work, and public life.” Also, about Afghanistan’s economy, he heard the clear commitment of his country. Afghanistan, under the Islamic Emirate, has repeatedly said and assured that all aspects of the people’s lives are ensured under the Islamic sharia laws. Women are still going to work, girls are going to schools based on the Sharia principles and the Islamic Emirate is making efforts to do more in the affairs of the country, as it did much in terms of reconstruction in different parts of the country since the resumption of power more than two years ago. So, the international community, particularly the U.S. and its allies should realize the fact that Afghanistan has fulfilled all its commitments to ensure a good life for the whole Afghans, apart from linguistic, tribal and ethnic discrimination. But this is the U.S. that is not honest to its commitments before the Islamic Emirate and the Afghans as a whole. Afghanistan, now, needs recognition of the world to step up toward a strong political engagement with the entire world countries, ensure a strong economy and develop powerful trade relations with the world and its neighbors. So, the only stalemate along the way to recognition is still maintained by the U.S. and its removal would overcome many problems in relations between Afghanistan and the international community

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.