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Two tribes in Nuristan return home after 25 years in dispute

KABUL: Local officials in Nuristan say two tribes of Kamdish, the eastern district of Nuristan province, who had been fighting for almost a century, reconciled with each other with the efforts of local officials of the Islamic Emirate of Nuristan.
As a result of the 91-year dispute, a number of people were displaced in Kishtoz and Kamdish nearly 25 years ago. Their villages changed to be ruined during the years. The conflict between the
two tribes was over the water stream and pastures. During the years of the dispute, several individuals from both sides had been killed. With the efforts of Nuristan governor, al- Haj Hafiz Mohammad Agha Hakeem, and following nearly half a year of reconciliation jirga, a broad and social peace was established between the two tribes. Following the establishment of social peace, families of the two tribes have returned to their districts. With the direction of the province’s governor, a convoy of 389 tents, kitchen equipment and other essential items have been sent to the returnees in the district. It is worth mentioning that the people in Kishtoz and Kamdish have started their normal life after years of displacement. Besides, telecommunication companies have started services in the district, construction work on the road has been started, health facilities have been created and humanitarian aids have also reached to the district. The Kabul Times

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.