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Two international election specialists join IEC

By: Lailuma Noori

Afghanistan Independent Election Commission (IEC) has informed of appointment and introducing two international members for the commission.
The new appointment is in accordance with the electoral law that recommends the appointment of two international election specialists as non-voting members of the IEC for the purpose of further transparency in the election process. The two international members have been officially introduced by the United Nations office in Afghanistan through a presidential decree.
Ahmad Ishaq Ahsan, a citizen of Kenya, who has worked as the head of Electoral Commission of Kenya for eight years and Alveena, a citizen of Bulgaria who has worked as an electoral official for four years in his country, are the new IEC members of Afghanistan.

Soon after the country’s parliamentary elections was held in October last year, the electoral law was amended and modified. Based on the new electoral law, for further transparency in elections process, the government with agreement of the United Nations can appoint two international election specialists as non-voting members of the election commission.
According to Afghan political experts, transparency is a key principle in elections and maintaining a fair and transparent election is part of the rights of the people. It means besides that the people have the right to take part in the election and use their vote for their favorite candidate, they have the right to be aware of transparency in the process and results of their votes. This can be possible when their votes are dealt honestly and all election-related processes are transparently reviewed.
All talk and stress on holding a fair and transparent elections in the country. In the meantime, efforts in national and international level to monitor the elections can result in somehow cutting down fraud and shortcomings in election process as cutting down the impetus of fraud can help increase transparency in elections.
Fraud can be one of imaginable challenges in holding the elections. Nevertheless, if the election process is dealt with serious determination and full monitored, pavements for possible frauds get limited.
Holding timely presidential elections is something must as President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani has instructed all relevant government organs to provide necessary resources for holding timely presidential and provincial councils’ elections set to be held on September 28.
According to officials for Independent Election Commission (IEC), new online biometric system will be used during the upcoming presidential elections and the results will be announced within two days.
Holding timely, fair and transparent presidential elections will play key and positive role in maintaining and institutionalizing of democracy, security and economic development in the country.

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