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Turkish scholars’ recommendations valuable for Islamic Emirate, Haqqani

KABUL: Acting Interior Minister Sirajuddin Haqqani met a delegation of Turkish religious scholars here in Kabul, the ministry said in a statement the other day. Sheikh Ibrahim Sardar, head of the Islamic delegation of Turkiye, said that Turkiye has long historical relations with Afghanistan and many common values. He appreciated the sacrifices of Afghans in the struggle for freedom and praised the achievements of the Islamic Emirate. “Governing and upholding Allah’s will is a significant challenge and responsibility for both the country and its people,” the statement quoted him Minister Haqqani expressed his gratitude to Turkiye, especially the Islamic scholars, for the construction of mosques, madrassas and schools in Afghanistan, as well as for helping Afghans in times of need, according to the statement. “Although implementing Islamic laws was difficult in some instances, but at that time, the scholars kept the torch of religion and invitation (to Islam) burning brightly, said Haqqani adding, we and you are connected on the foundations of Sharia, and the rope of faith and brotherhood,” according to the statement. Minister Haqqani called their [Turkish Scholars] recommendations valuable for strengthening the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan and added that with the arrival of the delegation, relations between the governments and nations of Turkiye and Afghanistan will be expanded and strengthened. Mashl Noori

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.