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Turkish, Fly Dubai airlines to resume flights to Afghanistan

KABUL: Turkish Airlines will resume its flights to Kabul and Mazar-e-Sharif in Afghanistan in March, the air aviation said in a statement referring to is website, the other day.
Turkish Airlines have operated from Istanbul to Kabul for more than a decade, with its first flight to Kabul happened in July 2011, and until the spread of the Covid-19 and then since the political change in Afghanistan in mid-August last year, Turkish Airlines like many other foreign airlines launched no flight to the
According to the Turkish Airlines’ website, the first bookable flight of this airline to Kabul is on March 27, and the first bookable service from Kabul is on the 26th of March.
After the Islamic Emirate takeover of the country in mid-August last year, foreign flights to Afghanistan have been stopped, but in the past year, flights between Afghanistan and a number of countries including Iran, Pakistan, UAE, Russia and Qatar resumed.
Also, the Fly Dubai Airlines is expected to resume flights to Afghanistan within a month, said the Ministry of Transportation and Civil Aviation (MoTCA).
Spokesman of the MoTCA, Imamuddin Ahmadi said that some other airlines are also expected to resume flights to Afghanistan as the new contracts have provided the airports with standard services.
“The private and commercial companies are resuming their flights, depending on the number of passengers,” said Imamuddin Ahmadi, a spokesman for the MoTCA.
Meanwhile, IEA announced earlier that they signed a contract with Abu Dhabi-based firm GAAC Solutions to provide flight services and manage planes landing and taking off at key airports in Afghanistan.
The flight guidance services deal will also include equipping the facilities and training of Afghan staff at the country’s three major airports, including Kabul.
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