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Turkey to host a trilateral meeting on Afghan peace process on March

However, peace efforts are ongoing in national and international level, Turkish officials have said that their country would host a trilateral meeting on Afghan peace process at the end of March.
During a meeting with Pakistani Prime Minister Omran Khan, Turkish President Rajab Tayyeb Urdogan said that we would soon hold a trilateral meeting between Afghanistan, Pakistan and Turkey on Afghan peace negotiations.
“I believe that this meeting would help solve many problems and would close Afghanistan to peace,” Turkish President said.
Pakistani PM also hoped the meeting could help Afghans reach lasting peace.
He stressed it is the time that the international community and anyone else that can help and cooperate, steps up in their regard.
This is while that Saudi Arabia is also expected to host a meeting on Afghan peace process in near future.
During different interviews with The Kabul Times, a number of experts and lawmakers called Turkey role key in Afghanistan peace and reconstruction processes.
Turkey has assisted Afghanistan in different fields over the last years and it has never supported any terrorist faction like some other countries.
Turkey is among those countries that can help Afghanistan in ensuring peace and stability and can also bring the Taliban set around the negotiation table, a senator, Anar Kali Honaryar said.
Turkish government with using its influence on Taliban should help present them around peace talks table and create trust between the two sides, she added.
Another senator, Lailuma Ahmadi believes that the Turkish government has assisted Afghanistan in different arenas such as reconstruction, fighting terrorism and bolstering education which is laudable and it would continue cooperation with the government of Afghanistan.
Turkey could do much for the country’s education system and it could logically solve the concerns raised among families on Afghan-Turk Schools, she further said.
A political expert Jamal Farahmand said, “Fortunately, Turkey has had good relations with the government and people of Afghanistan over the last years and it has held many trilateral meetings attended by Turkey, Pakistan and Afghanistan representatives, aimed to ensure peace and stability in Afghanistan.”
Istanbul process or Herat of Asia has been one of the key political initiations of the Afghan government in foreign policy area that had been organized by Turkey, he added.
Calling bolstering relations between Afghanistan and Turkey in the benefit of this country, another political expert Haidar Hemat said there was no doubt that the regional countries can play effective role in regional changes, as Turkey has assisted Afghanistan in different sectors over the last years and it can also play significant role in the country’s peace process.
Turkey has cooperated with Afghanistan in different fields such as security, economy, higher education, training of the Afghan national police as well as that country’s experiences have been used in Afghanistan’s lands authority.
Suraya Raiszada

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