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Trust built as hundreds apply for IEA’s forces

The number of young people joining the Islamic Emirate’s security forces has increased recently as the ground has now been paved and trust has been built to help more volunteers from across the country attend the country’s forces to ensure security and defend the national sovereignty and territorial integrity. More eligible youth from various provinces of the country have recently joined or are gradually joining the country’s security forces through graduation from both national police and national army training institutions. A report has been confirmed by Abdul Hakim Hemat Akhundzada, the commander of the Police Academy of the Ministry of Interior, saying the number of applicants to join the Islamic Emirate’s forces has tripled. The commander of the academy said that this year the provinces will be prioritized. Recruitments of so many applicants for the security and defense forces of the country, are taking place based on transparent exam processes that are being held in both the capital and provinces, as according to officials, the number of the selected people for both the security and defense courses will be announced after the exam. This is to be noted that the atmosphere of trust and confidence has been built and strengthened after the restoration of the Islamic system in the country. This is why both the newly recruited and the former people with police and army membership are eyecatchingly interested in registering themselves with the Islamic Emirate’s forces, as there are many people who failed to complete their military trainings due to the political change and takeover of the country by the Islamic Emirate forces in mid-August two years ago. Another good step and effective plan by the related organs is that they are recruiting individuals who have at least completed their 12th grades, as well as those who were previously enrolled but unable to complete due to the takeover of the country and more importantly, efforts were underway to recruit disciplined and professional people to the country’s security forces. In terms of professionalism, the Islamic Emirate’s forces; either police or army members should be professional, disciplined, and uniformed. The youths of the country are still waiting for more trust-building from the related organs to join the nascent security and defense forces of the Islamic Emirate as there are hundreds of police in the capital and provinces of the country and more units who have been trained in short-term and long-term training, waiting for recruitment in the ranks of police and army to serve their country and nation.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.