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Trump’s close allies worrying troop withdrawal from Afghanistan

US President Donald Trump’s close allies have expressed concern over troop withdrawal plan from Afghanistan. President Trump’s decision to cut the 14, 000 US troops in Afghanistan by half has triggered concern among his allies. The decision for troop withdrawal from Afghanistan will also lead the country to further bloodshed.
In 2017, US President Donald Trump criticized the country’s ex-president Barack Obama for his plan in connection with troop withdrawal in 2014 and now according to experts, Trump is doing same thing and planning to pull out troops from Afghanistan.
Finding a way to solve the US longest war through negotiations has been followed by a range of problems as more than 2,400 US soldiers have been killed and billions of dollar spent in war on terror in Afghanistan.
After 9/11, US entered Afghanistan to root out al Qaeda, considered as responsible for attacks on US and now even CIA chief in his latest remark said that the danger for changing Afghanistan back to terrorist safe havens has not been addressed so far.
US Donald Trump’s close allies have expressed serious concern over hasty withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan, saying significant progress in peace talks with the Taliban group is convincing President Trump for troop withdrawal before stability is maintained in Afghanistan and the region.
US Sen. Mitch McConnell will flex his foreign policy muscles Thursday and challenge President Trump’s decision to bug out of Syria and cut the 14,000 US troops in Afghanistan by half.
“My amendment to S.1 would allow Senators to go on the record about what the United States should be doing in Syria and Afghanistan. ISIS and al Qaeda have yet to be defeated and American national security interests require continued commitment to our missions there,” McConnell tweeted Thursday morning.
He also stressed the importance of coordination between the White House and Congress to develop long-term strategies in both nations, “including a thorough accounting of the risks of withdrawing too hastily.”
McConnell’s positions on ISIS and Afghanistan mirror those of the US intelligence community.
White House spokesperson has said that President Trump’s priority was to end war in Afghanistan and there would be guarantee that Afghanistan would not change a safe haven for terrorist groups again.
Taliban resources have said they reached agreement in meeting with US special peace envoy for Afghanistan Zalmay Khalilzad in connection with US troop withdrawal and that Afghanistan would not change to safe haven to terrorists. Nevertheless, US special peace envoy says no agreement has been made so far. In November, Khalilzad had told media he wanted to see serious results of his efforts in spring. It is said that US Donald Trump has given six months to Khalilzad to show results of his mission; therefore, serious efforts are underway for reaching an agreement with the Taliban group and works will be probably done without consideration to their consequences.

Lailuma Noori

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