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Troop pullout doesn’t impact on Afghanistan security

Reports say that U.S. President Donald Trump is evaluating gradual troops withdrawal from Afghanistan.
Some international media quoting U.S. Vice-President Mike Pence as saying that President Trump was in the process of evaluating whether to withdraw some troops from Afghanistan amid confusion regarding withdrawal of nearly 7,000 American troops, half of the still deployed figure from the war-torn country.
“The president is in the process of evaluating that, as we speak,” Pence told media during an interview few days ago.
Earlier, Trump urged Russia, Pakistan and India for becoming more involved in the fighting against insurgency in Afghanistan, where he was not satisfied with the long-term presence of American troops in the country. “Why isn’t Russia there? Why isn’t India there? Why isn’t Pakistan there? Why are we there and we’re 6,000 miles away?”
However, some observers believe that the withdrawal could degrade security and jeopardize possible peace talks with the government armed oppositions.
U.S. troops and in general, the international forces deployed in Afghanistan have not been seen, recently to have directly launched anti-militants’ operation, as they are mostly focusing on training and advising Afghan troops in war on terror.
According to reports, U.S.’s Mike Pence, supporting President Trump’s planned troops’ pullout from Syria and said an orderly or ‘Syria-style’ pullout would be launched in Afghanistan.
Meanwhile, National Security Advisor, Hamdullah Muheb, on his three-day trip to India told a select group of journalists that U.S. troops withdrawal will not impact anti-terrorists combat operation in Afghanistan.
He was quoted by Indian Media as saying the government of Afghanistan ‘had stepped up preparations for the highly-anticipated scenario of disengagement by the Trump administration.’
According to him, there had never been any discussion with the United States on a cut in counter-terrorism operations.
“What we have been told is that this is a planning process for different scenarios. For the time being, it is not a decision yet,” said Moheb, the country’s National Security Advisor.
Indeed, if the U.S. administration wanted to pullout troops from Afghanistan, the plan would never lay negative impact, as Moheb believed:” The numbers that are being spoken of are numbers that were increased in 2017,” to more than 14,000 from 8,600. “So it’s not going to have a significant impact if they are going to be taken back.”
Now, the country’s security and defense forces are going to be self-reliance in war on terror and taking security of the country, stronger than ever and Afghanistan is preparing for self-reliance in the security area.
We need full cooperation from the regional and world countries in the area of pounding terrorists’ hideouts and training centers; each country in its own soil, rather to send troops to fight directly militancy in Afghanistan.
Afghanistan neighboring countries should also do their best to eliminate terrorists’ hideouts in their own soils, if want security and tranquility restore in their regions.

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