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Tribal Solidarity Commission inaugurated in Kabul

KABUL: Tribal Solidarity Commission, chaired by Assadullah Wafa, Advisor to the President, was officially inaugurated here yesterday on the initiative of Independent Directorate of Local Organs (IDLG) at the Government Media and Information Center.

Shamim Khan Katawazi, head of IDLG, said the purpose of the commission was to advise on the peace process, communicate government decisions with the people and resolve ethnic and local problems.

Mohibullah Samim, Minister of Borders and Tribal Affairs, also considered the establishment of the Commission a serious need in the current situation and expressed hope that the commission can achieve positive results in receiving national and local decisions by receiving the views and opinions of the tribes.

At the meeting, Habib-ur-Rehman, the director general of nomadic affairs, described the inauguration of the Commission a great opportunity for unity among the ethnic groups, and assured that nomadic councils would co-operate with the commission at all stages.

The Triable Solidarity Commission has a chairman, two deputies, members of the Secretariat and members of provincial committees.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.