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Tree planting drive kicked off to make Kabul city even greener

Kabul Municipality has informed of kicking off sapling plantings campaign to keep Kabul city green. According to Kabul Municipality officials, the municipality is determined to plant 600,000 trees in Kabul city.
In an interview with The Kabul Times correspondent, a spokesperson to Kabul Municipality Nimatullah Barakzai said that the municipality was planning to plant over 600,000 saplings including fruit saplings this year.
“Kabul Municipality by starting tree plantings drive is planning to plant over 600,000 saplings including 30,000 fruit saplings in all parts of Kabul city this year. Besides, the municipality is also planning to establish drip irrigation systems for watering the saplings in Kabul,” Barakzai said.
According to Barakzai, Kabul Municipality has its own plant nurseries and breeding sites to produce fruit-bearing and non-fruit-bearing saplings. Each year, Kabul municipality distributes saplings on the threshold of arriving spring.
Barakzai said that Kabul Municipality was also determined to plant thousands of saplings in 140 parks in various parts of the city, adding that for further beautification and greenery of Kabul city, the municipality was also planning to start planting different types of flowers in some parts of the city.
“In Bost square of Kabul city’s 4th PD, Kabul municipality has started planting flowers to keep the square green and beautiful,” Barakzai said, adding that public awareness programs have been also held for school students, imams of mosques and university students to fulfill their duties in connection with the protection and watering the new saplings as Kabul is the home of all; therefore, the beautification of this home is the responsibility of all.
Meanwhile, director of Kabul Municipality’s greening department Mawlavi Abdul Wakil Mutawakel has said that it is determined that 200,000 saplings of various flowers will be planted in various parts of Kabul city particularly in parks to keep the city green and beautiful.
“All saplings of the flowers have been produced and raised in plant and flower nurseries of Kabul Municipality’s department for greening,” Mawlavi Mutawakel said, asking the Kabul residents to fulfill their national and religious duties by planting a sapling and paying full attention to protecting the newly planted saplings.
It is worth mentioning that last year, Kabul municipality had planted 200,000 saplings including seasonal flowers in various parts of Kabul city. The saplings had been planted in 22 districts of the city last spring. It is the first time that Kabul Municipality has kicked off the tree planting drive by planting over 600,000 saplings including fruits trees in 22 districts of the city.
Samiullah Momand

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