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Treatment of Vitiligo, Epilepsy with snake and scorpion poison

Hundreds people who are affected by Vitiligo and Epilepsy, refer to a Greek therapist Mohammad Sherzad in Charikar the provincial capital of Parwan province who treat patients with snake and scorpion poison.
In an interview The Kabul Times restore Dr. Sherzad said, 95 percent of individuals at 65 could be treated and their treatment takes 18 months. They receive medicine every three months.
Talking on the signs of Vitiligo and Epilepsy diseases, he added, serious constipation, kidney pain, Cavities and nervousness are the signs of these diseases.
He went on to say, so far I have written several books on these diseases in which all preventive measures and treatments have been explained.
He added, beside patients of these two diseases, I also treat drug addicts. Beside local patients, over 14000 patients from 41 countries including Germany, UK, US, France, Australia, Middle East and far east countries also refer every year to me and receive medicine.
Dr. Sherzad added, we suggest adaptable and non-adaptable food. For instance, boiled eggs or expired eggs, fishes should be avoided. Human body needs 12 glasses water every day, including four glasses for right, four glasses for left kidney plus four glasses for the rest of body skin. In order to have a transparent and soft skin, we should rub it with Olive oil every night.
He continued, there are over 2600 kinds of scorpions in the world out of which 13 kinds are recognized in Parwan including yellow, black yellow and total black. The scorpions with a weight of over 100 gram cost US $ 250.000. Scorpions food is more pepper and when they find no food, they eat each other.
He explained, beside being a Greek therapist, I have written ten books on different topics including Psychology of children Brain, mankind brain, one book about snakes. I also have a publication of “The Gift of Health” with a circulation of 2000 every month and is distributed free of charge to countrymen and contains medical, religious and cultural articles.
Basir a resident of Charikar said, my brother was affected with Epilepsy. We took him to Dr. Sherzad and he gave him medicine and for the moment he has recovered 50pc and we hope he would improve completely.
Karima Malikzada

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.