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Treat Afghan refugees in line with migration law, human values

Migration has been simultaneous with the beginning of human life on the earth. The reason for mass migration can be called the tragedy of war and natural disasters, while principles and rules were established among the countries of the world for the convenience and comfort of immigrants and that they should be treated well. More than four decades of imposed wars in Afghanistan have caused hundreds of thousands of Afghans to immigrate to neighboring countries, especially to Iran and Pakistan. Unfortunately, Afghan immigrants are being harassed, arrested, imprisoned and forcibly deported by the security officials of these countries. The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan calls these acts of the neighbors shameful and against the world’s immigration rules. Afghans migrate to the world or the neighboring countries to find work or economic opportunities to win a a loaf of bread for their families, but unfortunately, the hosting countries have always linked politics, trade with the refugees’ issues and they have always mistreated Afghan refugees in their countries. Our neighboring countries should not oppress and harass Afghan immigrants, because it is known to everyone that these countries were developed by the strength and work of Afghan refugees, it was these Afghans who patiently worked in the companies and factories of these two countries, accepting hardships and inequalities as well as insufficient wages payments. While, Afghan refugees are working to earn a handful cush to feed their families, without any type of crime, officials of these countries are resorting to the deportation of the refugees, including women and children to prisons and persecuting and forcing hundreds of Afghans to leave their country every day. This is while the two neighboring countries of Pakistan and Iran are Islamic countries and have a common culture, language and aspect with the people of Afghanistan and the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan has always said that it wants positive interaction and good relations with the neighboring countries. During the last month, the government of Pakistan has decided to deport Afghan immigrants from that country, and this decision has a negative impact on public opinion, and such an encounter created a distance between the two countries and their relations. Also, the Islamic Republic of Iran has recently increased the pressure of harassment and torture on the Afghan immigrants. The Islamic Republic should observe human and migration standard and stop harassing the Afghans who are not willing returning to the country. It should treat them with good neighborliness, and provide the Afghan refugees with necessary facilities in accordance with the international refugees’ principles. The people of Afghanistan are grateful for the long cooperation of both neighboring countries, particularly during the long years of jihad and appreciate the tolerence of so many immigrants by the two neighbors, in particular in recent years, and now they want them to deal with immigrants in accordance with the rules and principles of immigration. Afghans should take the initiative to maintain good relations between the neighboring countries to have better relations in the future

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.