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Transportation sector plays key role in economic growth, Mullah Beradar

KABUL: The Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs Mullah Abdul Ghani Beradar, during his trip to the country’s western province of Herat, in an official ceremony, kicked off reconstruction work on the Herat-Ghor highway, his office said in a statement the other day. The ceremony was attended by several high-ranking government officials, scholars and tribal elders, the statement said. Addressing the ceremony Mullah Beradar said that the transport sector has a significant role in the country’s economic growth and considering this importance, the Islamic Emirate has made the development of the sector one of its priorities, as well as many meetings have been held to fur ther enhance the sector, according to the statement. “With the resumption of power by the Islamic Emirate, lots of tangible developments and achievements have been made in various fields and construction and reconstruction of the country’s highways have been started and now we are witnessing the beginning of the construction work on the Herat-Ghor highway,” the statement quoted Mullah Beradar as saying. Herat-Ghor highway is one of the important and national projects of the country that connects the provinces of Herat, Ghor, Bamyan, Daikundi and Maidan Wardak to Kabul and with the standard construction of the highway, the transportation of salt and marble will be facilitated, as well as play a significant role in the development of trade and regional transit. The day before yesterday, Deputy PM Mullah Beradar also inaugurated the remaining construction work of the Pashdan Dam and three medicine-producing factories in Herat province. Addressing the inauguration ceremony of the dam, Beradar said many decades of prolonged occupation and war, political and economic instability and climate changes, have caused economic and social problems in the country, and the Islamic Emirate with firm determination was committed to managing the country’s natural resources. Pashdan Dam is a mega infrastructure project located in Karukh district, 25km east of Herat city, began in 2011 and was scheduled for completion by the end of 2021 under the previous government. The dam has the potential to produce two megawatts of electricity and irrigate nearly 13,000 hectares of agricultural land. A budget of approximately U.S. 117 million has been allocated for the construction of the dam. The Pashdan Dam with a capacity of 54 million cubic of water, will be built on the Harirud River, which originates from the Lal-wa-Sarjangal district of Ghor province and passes through Herat province before entering Turkmenistan from the shared border between Afghanistan and its neighboring Iran. The construction of the Pashdan Dam comes amid heightened tensions between Iran and Afghanistan over water rights. Iran has accused Afghanistan of not preserving its rights over the Helmand River, based on the bilateral water treaty signed in 1972. Furthermore, Mullah Beradar inaugurated three pharmaceutical factories including Etook Pharma, Afghan Medicine and Shams Cola in the province. Urging domestic investors to uphold quality stan dards in their products, Mullah Beradar stressed the Islamic Emirate’s commitment to prioritizing local goods in government procurement. He underscored the support for the private sector, emphasizing preferential treatment for domestic products and increased tariffs on imported goods with local alternatives. Deputy PM praised the pharmaceutical factories for their high quality and potential to alleviate medicine shortages in Herat. Etook Pharma’s $10 million investment will yield 50 tablet variants, while Afghan Medicine’s $16 million venture will produce numerous medicine types. Shams Cola, having invested millions in its beverage manufacturing facility, will offer a diverse product range. It is worth mentioning that these factories have provided direct employment to hundreds of individuals. Meanwhile, a number of local people were very happy with the inauguration of the development projects and asked the leadership of the Islamic Emirate to pay serious attention to launching uplift projects across the country. Development projects refer to initiatives aimed at improving the social, economic, and environmental well-being of individuals, communities, or nations. They span a wide range of sectors including health, education, infrastructure, agriculture, and energy, among others. Such projects play a vital role in fostering sustainable growth, reducing inequalities, and enhancing the quality of life. Amanullah

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