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Transparent employment tests help professional cadres return home

In the country’s western province of Herat, reports said that over 1,300 applicants, mostly women have attended a test employment, few days ago to be hired at the provincial hospital.
With up to 55 percent of women, the 1,320 applicants have been shortlisted to the work, from which 44 have been said to be selected for work at the hospital.
For the transparent process, the provincial officials said that the 44 eligible applicants would be selected for the nursing and midwifery department of the hospital.
Another key point of the move is to help wide number of medical specialists to return home, as a big number of them have already left the country over the last more than one year and people in most parts of the country, especially in remote areas, are now facing lack of health workers.
Though, the transparent process was held at the provincial level, but it drew positive reactions from across the country.
Also, it was warmly welcomed by the participants and those crucially observing the process as well as all those heard about it countrywide.
On the other hand, this would be a good opportunity for women to get hired in the governmental institutions and work for their nation, after gossip and rumors spread that the Islamic Emirate was against women is work or education.
During the past two so-called democratic regimes, discrimination, nepotism, biased and unfairness in all processes mostly in employment and education, had been the most challenges faced by the educated youths and skilled individuals. They had mostly been ignored winning an education scholarship from some foreign countries during a testing exam, the official introduced a free and independent process.
Relatives and offspring of warlords, house members and other government high-ranking officials had mostly been recognized eligible and deserved for posts announced by a related organ.
In the future, the government should also hold such fair opportunities and transparent processes for both men and women through which, so that deserved and educated individuals could be hired to serve the people.
This is the most important issue to be focused on, by the authorities both at present and in the future, as if the past regimes’ experiences are repeated and ineligible individuals are hired for professional institutions, a serious and critical erosion would come among that it would be too difficult to repair.
Professional government institutions, such as health, economics, planning, banking, etc. need their own skilled cadres and a country will not reach progress unless to follow it. So, this is strictly distractive to not follow the most helpful policy.
For bitter development in the work process, such transparent programs should be applied in all IEA agencies, under which, deserved and educated individuals to be hired, as well as similar processes should strongly be supported and strengthened and continued in the future.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.