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Transforming lives: The Islamic Emirate’s successful strategy to eradicate urban begging

By: Hashmat Nasiri

The Islamic Emirate has recently focused on addressing the significant challenge of urban begging, in addition to implementing numerous economic, infrastructural, and national programs. Through the formulation and execution of effective strategies and the implementation of various social welfare programs, the Islamic Emirate has achieved notable success in reducing the number of beggars on streets, roads, and alleys. This article highlights the successful strategies employed by the Islamic Emirate to mitigate or eradicate urban begging. One of the initial steps taken by the Islamic Emirate was to conduct a thorough census aimed at identifying and registering beggars. In coordination with local authorities, community leaders, social workers, and volunteers, accurate and detailed information was collected, enabling a comprehensive census of beggars in urban areas. The second step involved establishing urban centers for shelter, care, and rehabilitation. These centers aim to provide beggars with shelter, medical care, and essential vocational training opportunities. Designed to address immediate needs and include longterm plans and solutions for reintegrating beggars into society, these centers offer a safe environment where beggars can receive necessary health and psychological treatment, as well as acquire essential vocational and professional skills to effectively integrate into the workforce. To ensure the sustainable economic growth of former beggars, the Islamic Emirate has focused on several targeted strategies and programs. Vocational training programs in carpentry, tailoring, agriculture, and other businesses have been organized to enhance their work and professional skills. This approach facilitates job creation and helps former beggars achieve essential life amenities, thus reducing the prevalence of begging in urban areas and providing them with the opportunity to lead dignified lives. Public awareness campaigns have been an integral part of the Islamic Emirate’s strategy to eradicate begging. Through these campaigns, efforts have been made to raise public awareness about the issues and harms associated with begging and to encourage citizens to cooperate comprehensively with the government in the implementation and execution of this strategy. The Islamic Emirate leverages radio, television, social media, and community structures to effectively communicate and disseminate necessary messages to the public. The Islamic Emirate has also implemented a number of essential regulations to combat urban begging. Law enforcement authorities have been tasked with monitoring urban areas to ensure that beggars are removed from streets and alleys and sent to appropriate rehabilitation centers. This approach has not only helped maintain public order but has also ensured that beggars transition to a dignified life and receive the assistance they need, rather than living on the streets. The implementation of these strategies by the Islamic Emirate has yielded numerous positive outcomes, including: Reduction of Beggars on Streets and Alleys: The most immediate impact of this strategy is a significant reduction in the number of beggars on streets, roads, and alleys. This indicates a decrease in poverty levels in urban areas. Improvement in the Quality of Life for Former Beggars: Those who have participated in rehabilitation programs now enjoy better health, stable lives, respect, and human dignity. Vocational training and job opportunities have provided them with a sense of purpose and independence. Community Support and Engagement: Public awareness campaigns have fostered a sense of social responsibility among people, leading to cooperation with the government to eliminate this phenomenon and directing beggars to rehabilitation centers instead of giving them money. Enhanced Public Order and Safety: The reduction of beggars on streets, roads, and alleys has contributed to improved public safety and urban order, creating a safer and more pleasant environment for citizens in urban areas. Through strategic planning, rehabilitation, vocational training, public awareness, and law enforcement, the Islamic Emirate’s comprehensive approach to reducing begging has proven successful in creating an organized, safe, and pleasant urban environment. By addressing both the immediate needs and root causes of begging, the Islamic Emirate has set a clear example for achieving sustainable social welfare in the region and beyond. The Islamic Emirate remains committed to strengthening this process through dedicated efforts and resource allocation, with the ultimate goal of completely eradicating urban begging and providing every individual the opportunity to live a life of dignity and self-sufficiency. End.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.