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Tranquility and bliss existing in Islam

Without a doubt, the security and tranquility found within the embrace of Islam exist nowhere else, and Islam, without a doubt, is the best refuge for humanity, with the Holy Quran serving as the ultimate guide and beacon. Since the liberation from the stain of occupation and foreign forces, Afghanistan has achieved better security and stability, progressing towards peace and prosperity with each passing day. Over the past four decades, Afghanistan has suffered from war, unrest, oppression, invasion, aggression, and corruption, transforming this land into a battleground and a breeding ground for warmongers worldwide. With the victory of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, the tapestry of war, oppression, corruption, and all forms of violence has been woven together, transforming this land into a land of peace, stability, and solidarity. The long-suffering people of Afghanistan now engage in their daily affairs with peace of mind, free from disturbance, continuing to lead a tranquil and enjoyable life. Afghanistan’s people no longer fear thieves on distant or nearby roads, and they live peacefully in their homes. In cities and villages, they are free from the shadow of unrest and insecurity. Although some engage in negative propaganda from time to time, using it as a means to their livelihood, and they continue to sow discord day by day, the reality of the matter is this: the security and stability that have emerged in Afghanistan today are unparalleled, and no one has seen like in the past fourteen years. The people of Afghanistan pray for the preservers of security and stability, and they all wholeheartedly support their security and defense forces. In order to preserve the security and peace that have been granted to them, they make comprehensive efforts. The core message is that all happiness and tranquility lie in the embrace of Islam. This sacred religion bestows dignity upon humanity and protects them from all forms of degradation and disgrace. The Afghan people are a resilient and heroic nation who have never bowed down to humiliation and has never willingly allowed any invaders to exit this country without disgrace. All invaders, occupiers, and their slaves have ultimately packed up and left this land in shame and disgrace, along with their lackeys. They have departed from this theater of jihad and struggle and from the abode of brave men. Because this soil and land are a stage for dear Islam, no infidel or arrogant power can rule in this land or carry out their wicked and diabolical objectives here. For this reason, this land has once again been liberated from the clutches of impure foreign forces and their domestic collaborators. It has found refuge in the peaceful embrace of Islam and has gained access to great tranquility and stability. We must recognize the value of this blessing and strive with heart and soul to safeguard and protect it. Let us be grateful to our great and compassionate Allah for this. Mukhtar Safi

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.