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Tragic assassination of a family’s seven members

By: The Kabul Times

The disastrous killing of seven members of a family in Kart-e-Sakhi area, Kabul city once again shocked the conscience of our society. The murderers had even fired on children and pregnant women.
Sometimes before, Kabul police had announced that level of crimes has decreased. This and other incidents show that the claim on descending of criminal graph is false.
Passengers of city buses, storekeepers and local inhabitants in their conversations narrated shocking news on robbery, blackmailing and threats to death. After advent of darkness people don’t dare to move out of home or walk in their local streets.
Fear of robbers and criminals have been increased even to that level that even most taxi drivers don’t dare to pick passengers after evening. Worst of all, the people imagination on police commanders has become strongly negative.
During the incumbency of Amrullah Saleh, the MoI was working on management of people conception through launching of a propagation campaign while now it has totally failed on this issue. In their conversations the public accuse police commanders to collaboration with robbers, thieves murderers, and kidnapers. This conception may not true totally but MoI senior authorities should knew that change of realities on the earth could be simple than change of people conception.
In war on crime, police should gain people trust. Instead the people fear of criminal gangs, robbers, kidnappers, murderers and felonies , these criminal groups should afraid of police. This would only can be implemented that police fight professionally against criminals.
The tragic incident of Kart-e-Sakhi should be seriously investigated personally by the minister of interior affairs and perpetrator should be identified, prosecuted and detained as soon as possible.
Even if these criminals are fugitive, police should release their identities and photos for better management of public opinions conception. In all countries of the world police follows this procedure.
People expect police to clarify quickly who have committed tragic assassination of seven members of this family? And why? It doesn’t mean that people want miracle from police. People ask police to identify the murderers and publicize their identities. This would facilitate arrest of murderers. In war on every crime, Kabul police should adopt essential decisive steps. Every chief of PD who fails in his job, should be sacked or replaced with a one who enjoy essential courage and quality to implement law.
The MoI should make an assessment which chief of PD lacks courage of law implementation and fears on war on crimes. War on crime is not easy in all countries. Any police who fights crimes, is posed with risk and his family too. But the one who has tied his belt to fight crimes , should accept these risks. If he is not ready to accept risk, the MoI should replace him with a person who has courage of implementation of law. Those who are not ready to invest for implementation of law, have no room in ANP. ANP needs officers who enjoy courage of implementation of rule of law beside professionalism.
A small criminal group should not paralyze a whole police district. The Afghan people expect and demand ANP professional decisiveness.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.