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Trade expanding as Islamic Emirates of Afghanistan intensifies efforts

An unprecedented struggle [comparing to the previous systems] by the Islamic Emirate authorities to further revive trade, is now extending to the Chabahar port of the neighboring Iran, after the failure of the two former governments to use the most effective route properly. The authorities have recently increased their efforts to develop the activity of the Chabahar port of Iran aiming at not harming the country’s traders and trying not to relying on a single transit route as the country’s ground ports with Pakistan have frequently faced challenges due to certain political reasons. Definitely, increase in the capacity of Chabahar port and the activation of the railway through the route with Afghanistan, will help solve the problems of the country’s merchants to a large extent. As the Chabahar port has now been activated, authorities should try their best to prevent losses to the traders. On the other hand, this help the traders of the country not rely on trade deal with one country, use one path or one way but to expand the transit route as much as possible. Afghanistan follows a good neighborhood and friendly relations and a treatment based on economic benefit with all neighboring countries, but sometimes this happens that some countries resort to closing their borders and against all neighborhood standards, violate all trade agreements, they made Afghanistan. So, undoubtedly, by solving the challenges in Chabahar port, Afghanistan’s international trade and transit process will be further developed and in order to resolve the technical issues of Chabahar, the related organs of the Islamic Emirate should act as soon as possible so that the country use an alternative route in case of other ways closed due to any certain reasons. Moreover, the Chabahar port, according to economic experts, is very important to reach the markets of India exclusively and also help the transit of Indian goods flow through Afghanistan to the Central Asian nations. However, unfortunately, during the last twenty years, sufficient equipment on the port has not been installed there and the related officials have to do this duly. This is also to be noted that the officials of the country’s Railway Department recently announced that the Chabahar-Nimroz railway project would be soon completed and they described this project as one of the fundamental priorities of the department for the development of trade and transit and to facilitate the transportation of commercial goods between the two countries.


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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.