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Torkham crossing point closure to badly impact regional trade

Torkham crossing point was closed after a clash broke out between security forces of both Afghanistan and Pakistan four days ago. Afghanistan’s embassy to Islamabad has asked Pakistan for reopening of the crossing point, but the crossing point has not been reopened for traffic. In the meantime, the PakAfghan Joint Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PAJCCI) has said that the closure of the Torkham crossing point brought export, import and other business activities on both sides to a halt. The traders urged Pakistan and Afghanistan to resolve issues for the immediate opening of the main crossing point. The closure of Torkham crossing point has brought all the business activities to a standstill. Traders believe that the continued closure of Torkham for all kinds of traffic will badly impact bilateral and regional trade. Currently, hundreds of trucks are stuck at both sides of the crossing point. They are carrying perishable goods including fresh fruits, poultry and other items are at risk of getting rot, inflicting huge losses on businessmen. Torkham was closed after a clash broke out between the security forces of both countries two days ago. Traders have repeatedly urged both Pakistan and Afghanistan to take urgent measures for ending the standoff and all the trade and movement of people between the two neighboring countries. Meanwhile, Afghanistan Ministry of Foreign Affairs criticized the closure of the main border crossing with Pakistan this week after clashes between security forces, saying the halt in trade would see heavy losses for businesses. “The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan deems the closure of Torkham gate and opening of fire on Afghan security forces by the Pakistani side contrary to good neighborliness,” Afghanistan’s foreign ministry said in a statement late on Saturday. The statement said the incident had started after Pakistani security forces fired at Afghan security forces fixing an old security outpost near the border. “The closure of Torkham gate can adversely affect bilateral and regional trade, and cause trade and financial losses to common mercantile class on both sides,” the statement said, adding many travelers were also stuck on each side of the border. It is worth mentioning that Torkham, considered as one of the key crossing points between Pakistan and Afghanistan, remained closed for the fifth day on Sunday, as talks to negotiate the reopening made no headway, stranding trade convoys and travelers on both sides. Pakistan shut the crossing point, one of the two main crossings between the two neighboring countries, on Wednesday for travelers and traffic following skirmishes between border security forces from the two countries. Mohammad Daud

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Shaleen September 13, 2023 at 7:57 pm

The TTP strategy to target Pakistani army, police, religious minorities, muslim minorities all at same time is self defeating. The combined strategy of Afghan and Pakistani Taliban should be to drive out the Pakistani army, co-opt the police personnel and muslim community leadership and divert local revenue including from CPEC projects for reconstruction of Afghanistan. Afghanistan was completely destroyed due to political machinations of Pakistan to earn dollars for own development, now is payback time. The revenue including additional taxes to be such that wins support of local muslims while diverting all revenue going towards Islamabad to Kabul.

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