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Increasing ANDSF offensives effective to overcome insurgency

National Security Council (NSC) has asked the security entities to change their defensive strategy against terrorist groups.
To save the citizens’ lives and decrease security forces’ casualties, the Afghan National Security Forces (ANDSF)’s offensive attacks would be intensified against the government armed insurgents, the NSC said in a statement.
The Afghan people enemies have faced defeat in face-to-face fight with ANSF that caused them to change their war strategy and start killing civilians, a move which shows their weakness, the statement added.
The order has been issued while over the last one month, tens of Afghan security forces have been martyred and injured during Taliban group’s offensive attack in Uruzgan, Ghazni, Farah, Ghor and other provinces of the country.
At the same time, considering Afghanistan’s security situation and changing ANSF tactic from defensive to offensive a step taken late, a number of military and political experts say that increasing offensive attacks are the most effective way against armed insurgents.
However, this step taken a bit late, but it should be appreciated, because, the ANSF have always been facing with the enemies’ offensive attacks that resulted in raising their casualties, a military expert, Atiqullah Amarkhil said.
This order can enhance the ANSF morale in battlegrounds, besides, it would help decrease their casualties and would be the only effective way to overcome the terrorist groups, he further said.
Another expert, Amir Mohammad believes that Afghanistan’s security situation has been facing with challenges by each passing day, therefore, coordination among the Afghan security forces would be useful to curb the enemies’ attacks and ensure security throughout the country.
Recently, the president declared that ANSF casualties have increased, a reason that can face the system’s improvements with challenge, he said, adding the security entities particularly NSC should implement some strategies to prevent ANSF casualties.
A lawmaker, Niazi believes that the government has worked on many security strategies to ensure security in the country, but they have not been effective, thus, it should codify a security strategy in coordination with all security entities and political parties.
He stressed that the government should make effort to soon codify a security strategy based on which the security entities can ensure security and prevent civilian casualties.
A Ghazni representative at the lower house of the parliament, Ali Akabar says that NSC in coordination with Afghanistan’s representatives should come up with a strategy that doesn’t endanger the national interests.
According to him, if there is not security in a country, there would also not something by the name of national interests.
The country’s citizens have different views in this respect.
They say the Afghan security forces are now capable enough to bravely fight insurgents and ensure peace and stability in the country.
A private university lecturer, Mosawer said, US and Afghanistan have signed Bilateral Security Agreement, but unfortunately, the security situation is getting worst by each passing day, therefore, the US forces should cooperate with their Afghan counterparts and continue supporting them.
This is while that the Afghan security forces have been involved in most difficult operations and could defend their country and people, but still the operations are continuing and the international community particularly the US is expected to support and help them reach self-reliance.
Suraya Raiszada

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.