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Tinted windows removal another step to improve security

Under a decree, recently issued by the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (IEA), the leadership of the Ministry of Interior Affairs announced a ban on the use of tinted windows and the prevention of vehicles with stickers across the country. Removal of the tinted windows has also been part of the decree which has been said to be implemented mandatory all over the capital and provinces. All the employees of the Ministry of Interior Affairs are instructed to take the necessary measures to implement the Islamic Sharia and the guidance of the leadership. All provincial police chiefs, security posts and personnel of provincial checkpoints are instructed, to implement the decree.

Using tinted windows in vehicles creates problems in the identification of people and helps disturb security of the people, so the Ministry of Interior Affairs has been ordered to implement the decree across the country in line with the Islamic sharia. The decree would require the entire countrymen and the Islamic Emirate officials and personnel to avoid using tinted windows in their vehicles or if used, to remove them, as the plan helps security ensured across the country. The plan should be permanent and implemented on the mass, including the authorities and the ordinary people. Also, preventing the commutation of unlicensed vehicles together with removal of the tinted glasses is very effective in improving security in the country.

The plan can prevent theft, kidnapping and other crimes and help the security forces, particularly police officials to easily identify criminals and help ensure security of the people.

In the past, the people were frustrated with growing cases of crimes and insecurity, mostly through tinted windows of the vehicles. Anti-security elements can also use filmed glasses of cars to conduct explosions, assassinate people and destroy public facilities. This is not only the demand of the people from the Islamic Emirate’s related organs to announce a ban on the use of tinted and unlicensed vehicles, but this is one of the key traffic rules to be implemented in most world countries. Both the IEA officials and ordinary citizens should abide by the law, implement the rule on themselves and help security of their country improved. Also, the law should be permanent and no one should be allowed to tint their cars’ windows, after a short time. For the government’s related organs, this is very important to keep the law implemented and legal persuade the violators. Over the past many years, such a plan has been made and the police officials had been waiting along the road to remove the tinted windows but just after few weeks of inspections, tinted windows reappeared. Large number of people including government officials, businessmen, children even foreign agencies employees have been kidnapped by armed criminal bands using vehicles with tinted windows, in the past. The IEA Leader has issued the most important, helpful and effective decree in this respect, but both the citizens and the security officials should cooperate with each other in its implementation to help security of the people and the country improved.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.