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Time to return usurped lands, uproot corruption

Over the last more than twenty years of occupation by the U.S. and its allies, widespread corruption engulfed the country. Powerful men, former warlords and so-called Jihadi commanders usurped hundreds of hectares of lands across the country and believed themselves the main owners of public properties. Even they spared no effort to grab people lands in many parts of the country, as they had been supported by the two former corrupt systems.
They took all of these assets out of the country and invested in their own interest, with the second beneficiaries have only been the aliens.
They become rich with the assets of poor Afghans. They climbed the top of power. They become ministers, parliamentarians and ambassadors with no eligibility, just for belonging to the government high-ranking authorities.
Billions of U.S. dollars have been taken out of Afghanistan, leaving the country in a deep economic crisis.
Now the time has reached for returning public properties and work for the welfare of the poverty-stricken nation.
The Islamic Emirate has begun pursuing cases of land grabbing in Kabul, where hundreds of townships have been built illegally countrywide.
The process has started in the Mullah Tarakhil township, just east of the capital, where tens of residential plots have been illegally distributed by an individual, who believes himself a real religious scholar.
The same illegally built townships are also available in many parts of the capital Kabul and provinces of the country.
A technical committee, formed within the land usurpation commission to stop land grabbing and identify the seized lands, has begun activities in 20 provinces of the country, including Kabul.
According to reports, after two consecutive meetings, the technical committee went to certain areas and began its work which will review all the documentation and limitations of the entire townships legally or illegally built or the work is expected to start.
The plan is a national process. This should be helped succeed as it benefits all people and the government to overcome corruption, the vicious legacy of the past two corrupt regimes. No one is and wants to be against the commission’s plan.
All the people of Afghanistan support and cooperate with the commission formed by the Islamic Emirate’s decision to return public properties and the usurped lands, as this is in the interests of both the people and the Islamic system.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.