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Time to ensure electoral justice

Ultimately the protesting electoral teams agreed that the recounting of votes in remaining seven provinces be implemented. The doors of Independent Election Commission in these provinces have been opened on Sunday for recounting of votes of those polling centers that included the recounting lists. Prior to this, the protesting teams had prevented recounting and had shut down the doors of IEC to its employees, an issue that has caused a deadlock for release of election results, sit the protesting teams and IEC against each other.
The IEC had warned if they are not allowed to recount votes in these centers, it would release the primary results of presidential elections based on the results of the twenty-seven provinces in which the recounting has been implemented. The protesting teams had also said that they would accept the results in no circumstances and the IEC would be responsible in case of subsequent problem.
But if the protesting teams allowed and agreed that the IEC officials to implement recounting programs in these seven provinces polling centers, is a good opportunity according to experts and would enable the IEC to exploit it and complete recounting program, collect the results, insert them in national data center, analyze them and ultimately succeed to break the deadlock, release the results as quick as possible, put an end to expectation of Afghan people and lead the election to an acceptable conclusion.
Experts believe that this is a good opportunity for the IEC to exploit it and take step in the direction of ensuring electoral justice and the IEC would manage to complete its programs according to laws and procedures and present a convincing outcome to Afghan people and electoral teams and open the way for shaping of an elected and powerful government.
At the same time, experts believe that if IEC fails at every reason to carryout works transparently, convince people and electoral teams, the situation would become further deteriorated and current problems would be increased and intensified.
These problems have already caused the electoral calendar to be violated many times, release of the election results were delayed on due time and the election destiny was ambiguous, and left unpleasant social, economic, political, security and cultural consequences on all relevant manifestations of Afghan people national life.
At present as if the life has been stopped in Afghanistan and activists in all fields particularly in the field of investment are awaiting that where the election would be led and what would be the results?
Now that with agreement of protesting teams with recounting this chance has been available, the IEC should step up and conclude as soon as possible recounting of these provinces transparently and precisely and complete the results of elections, release them and put an end to uncertainly.
Beside serious monitoring of this process, the electoral teams, observers and the ECC should help the IEC to end this process transparently and pave the way for release of an acceptable results of the elections.
No doubt, support and cooperation of all partners and electoral teams with the IEC would produce an acceptable outcome that convince public.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.