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Time for national unity, development of Afghanistan

Mohammad Ashraf Ghani took oath for the second-term as the president of Afghanistan during a ceremony at the presidential palace attended by a number of Kabul-based diplomats, parliament members, government officials, jihadi leaders, ministers, some presidential candidates, military commanders and foreign guests.
Chief Justice Prof. Sayed Yousuf Halimi administered oath-taking to President-elect for a second term, but after a long delay caused by rigging allegations of fraud. Meanwhile the president-elect’s election rival, Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, took part in parallel swearing-in ceremony on Monday, posing a fresh challenge to U.S.-led peace efforts in the country.
Indeed, there is nothing the enemies fear more than unity in Afghanistan; their number one tactic is to keep the fire of discord burning in this country. They know the power of a nation if they are united. Therefore, political indifferences, the religion, race, location, language and mass-ignorance have been frequently used by them as basic tools.
In order to contribute for the national unity, all citizens are responsible to abandon the notions of divergence and embrace convergence. We should learn from other developed nations how to live peacefully and accept the outcomes of the democratic processes. Challenging such processes would definitely lead the country towards destabilization and would allow enemies to utilize the opportunity for achieving their own vicious goals.
Addressing the oath taking ceremony, President Ghani called upon all politicians and the Afghan masses that it was the day for unity and that everyone join hand for a prosperous and stable Afghanistan. He also asked Afghans to join hand with their government and work for the development of the country, that still suffering from brunt of war.
Indeed, unity and national integration must be the main agenda for both upcoming government and the country’s leaders. Various genuine mottos and programs need to be organized for the purpose of fostering unity and relationship among races by means of various policies. Unity at this juncture of time is critical, as government is stepping up to establish an inclusive peace delegation for talks with Taliban, that still threatening the security of the country.
Afghanistan is a multi-ethnic country with various race, creed and language and with black record of discrimination and claiming racial and ethnic superiority. According to history, claiming superiority and monopoly were one of the major reasons behind conflicts which disregarded the equal rights of citizens, and the national resources and opportunities were within the realm of a certain group.
Currently, it is believed that the ground is prepared for accepting equal rights of citizens and equal status for all tribes and ethnic groups are included in the Constitution. In addition to recognizing this principle, Afghanistan’s Constitution defines the tribes in Afghanistan as the single nation.
Since efforts for peace intensified more than ever, therefore it is the time for national unity and development of the country. All efforts should be made to boost spirit of national unity for welfare of the war-suffered nation. Rejecting election results, challenging the democratic process and the peace efforts will further deteriorate the situation and only Afghans would suffer from its outcomes. Meanwhile the political differences would give the upper hand to Taliban in negotiating table.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.