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Tickets of domestic flights available in black markets

By: Masouda Qarizada

Supply of airplane tickets in black market, has aroused complain of a number of passengers and say that exploiting the constraint of passengers of domestic flight. These passengers say that exploiting constraints of passengers, the ticket sellers sell than higher them original prices with a difference of at least US $50 per ticket.
Ibrahim Temori a local passenger who has just returned from Herat to Kabul said, I bought Kabul-Herat ticket with a difference of US $13. I referred to a KAM AIR Ticket sellers in Herat but all tickets were already sold. Finally I managed to buy a ticket from black market against $ 13 higher for $110 while the actual price was $97.
Abdul Wahab Siddiqi another passenger claims, that some times before I wanted to travel to Kabul from Herat but all tickets were sold and finished. So I had to buy ticket with a difference of US $ 25 from a ticket center.
Herat lawmakers in the house confirm that tickets from domestic flights are supplied in black markets with a difference of 10-25 US $ than original prices. In an interview, Herat lawmaker in the lower house and secretary of the house complaints commission Hamidullah Hanif said, since long times, tickets for domestic flights are sold in black market with higher prices and no steps are taken against this situation.
Hanif assures that he would discuss this issue with relevant bodies in the house.
At the same time confirming many complains on this issue, the officials of KAM AIR said that dealing with this question is not their responsibility.
Media in-charge of KAR AIR Najib Paiman said, a number of ticket sellers who are not connected to KAM AIR over charge tickets on crowded occasions. But if there are any complain on KAM AIR ticket sellers, it would be assessed.
The KAM AIR officials point out that they use international sales system for management of tickets selling, so no seller is allowed to over charge tickets.
The officials of private airlines and national avaition said that dealing with these issues is the responsibility of Afghan Tour department. Director of Afghan Tour Department Noor Mohammad Hussein Khyl said, tickets are supplied in bazzar in two ways to ticket selling centers either directly against a certain interest or through internet bazzar and at present there is no essential supervision on sell and buying of tickets.
But the black markets will be prevented soon.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.