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Three tons more saffron harvested this year

According to the Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock (MAIL), Afghanistan is rankly the third country to produce saffron after Iran and India.
Simultaneously with the advent of saffron harvesting season, reporting about visible increase of saffron, MAIL said almost three tons of more saffron have been yielded this year.
The ministry’s spokesperson Akbar Rustami told The Kabul Times that this year, 14 tons of saffron have been harvested, 12 tons of which have been harvested in Herat province.

He added saffron productions are expected to be over 14 tons throughout the country.
Most of Afghanistan’s saffron are exported to India, Saudi Arabia, Emirates and some other European countries, according to him.
Replying a question on those provinces where saffron is cultivated, he said that saffron was cultivated all-over the country and the farmers can access saffron onion, but it is merit to mention that 90 percent of Herat farmers cultivate saffron each year.
About facilities being provided to those farmers keen to cultivate saffron, he said, “This year, MAIL has distributed 45 metric tons of saffron onion to those farmers who are keen to cultivate saffron and at the same time, on their capacity building and trainings, the ministry has done practical works in a number of provinces.”
Pointing at saffron market, he said 90 percent of Afghanistan’s saffron were exported to abroad, a move shows that there is a good market for saffron.
There are rumors that Afghanistan’s saffron being sold by the name of Iran, how this news is correct?
Afghanistan’s saffron has the best qualityworldwide, and after the presidential decree, we stopped importing saffron onion from Iran, Rustami went on to say.
Has any Afghanistan Saffron Festival been so far held in or outside the country or not?
There have many saffron festivals been held in and abroad and they have been warmly welcomed, he replied.
Pointing at saffron price in international market, he said the price of a kg saffron was 60,000 afg.
According to the chamber of commerce and industries, eight tons of saffron out of 10.6 produced last year have so far been exported. Shukria Kohistani

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.