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Thousands of saplings to be planted in Kabul

KABUL: A drive for planting saplings has been kicked off with the message titled ‘Independent Sapling and Greenery’ on hilltop of Seeloy-e-Markazi in Kabul. It is determined that more than 250,000 of saplings are set to be planted in Kabul.
The drive was kicked off the other day with planting 250 saplings in Kabul’s Seeloy-e-Markazi with the presence of deputy minister of agricultural, irrigation and livestock Fazil Bari Fazli, governor of Kabul Neda Mohammad Nadeem, provincial director of agriculture, Shaikh Obaidullah Haqqani, directors and employees of various departments of the ministry and a number of Kabul residents. Starting the drive, deputy minister of finance and administrative for agriculture, irrigation and livestock Mawlavi Fazil Bari Fazli said planting process of saplings which was the responsibility of each countryman and instruction of the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) has been started in Kabul, the capital, where pollution was increasing and it was also important for the beauty and clean weather.
Meanwhile, governor of Kabul Mawlavi Neda Mohammad Nadeem by pointing to the importance of saplings and forests in the country added trees have been one of the national investments of the country and each Afghan individual had the religious and spiritual obligation to plant sapling, protect trees and the country’s natural resources.
“To have a green and developed country, it is the religious and spiritual responsibility of each Afghan individual to plant a sapling, protect trees and forests as well as the country’s natural resources,” Kabul governor said.
In starting the plantation process of sapling ceremony, provincial director of agriculture, irrigation and livestock Shaikh Obaidullah Haqqani by stressing on protection, nurturing and plantation of sapling in Kabul city said that for the greenery of Kabul city and protection of the environment, more than 250,000 saplings would be planted in Kabul city and other districts of the province.
It is worth mentioning that similar drives and campaigns for planting saplings have been also kicked off in Paktika, Ghazni, Kunduz, Kandahar and other provinces of the country. In Kandahar, governor of Kandahar Haji Mohammad Yousuf Wafa and deputy minister of agriculture, irrigation and livestock Mawlavi Sadr Azam have paid a visit to Kukran Agricultural Research Farm and kicked off spring’s campaign for planting saplings.
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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.