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Thousands of healthcare centers providing services countrywide, MoPH

Officials of the Ministry of Public Health, in the government accountability program, presented the achievements and activities of the Ministry to the nation for the past year. The Ministry’s authorities stated that in the past year, 345 health centers have been upgraded and developed, and currently, we have 4,258 health centers providing services to the people. In this program, the Minister of Public Health, Dr. Qalandar Ebad, delivered information about the significant activities and achievements of the Ministry. “In the past year, 3,890 public and private health centers in the country were put under adequate supervision and evaluation, written recommendations were provided to 20 diagnostic clinics and private outpatient clinics, written warnings were issued to 3 private laboratories, and written commitments were obtained from 133 healthcare centers to complete the process of work permits,” he said. “Due to the lack of licenses, 575 different branches of health centers were closed. Supervision over certain private clinics in Kabul, considering the people’s economic situation, revealed excessively high and unfair costs for healthcare services, leading to significant discounts being introduced in all service areas,” he added. “Furthermore, licenses for the operation were granted to 685 private health centers, and 6,742 licenses and health documents were verified for 13,160 students and graduates,” he further added. The Minister of Health added that healthcare services have been provided to over 80 million individuals, including 2 million hospitalized patients, 300,000 significant surgeries, and more than 1 million people through nationwide healthcare centers. Moreover, 39,204 addicts have been placed under treatment, and 390,681 individuals have been informed about the dangers of drugs and addiction. According to the information provided by the Ministry of Public Health, 20,121 patients have received ambulance services in centers and provinces, and 1,680,144 patients have undergone hemodialysis. Similarly, 330 active beds were added in specialized hospitals. New standard buildings were constructed for specific sections in five significant hospitals (Istiqlal, Wazir Mohammad Akbar Khan, Khairkhanah’s 102-bed Hospital, and Afghan-Indonesian Hospital). The minister of Public Health further added that standard ICUs were established in four hospitals (Sheikh Zayed, Istiqlal, Atatürk, and Ebin Sina), and standard emergency departments were set up in two hospitals (Ebin Sina and Rabia-e-Balkhi). Based on the minister’s statistics, all specialized hospitals, several standard and modern hospitals, were created, and diagnostic and treatment devices were purchased; the laparoscopic delivery room at Malalai Maternity Hospital was inaugurated, standard oxygen generation machines were installed in three specialized hospitals, CT scan machines were equipped with security cameras and digital attendance systems in three specialized and intermediate hospitals. It’s worth mentioning that the Ministry of Public Health has organized courses and workshops for 10,357 healthcare employees nationwide. Currently, there are 4,258 health centers in Afghanistan. Samiullah Momand

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.