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Thousands of children to join accelerated learning program in Nuristan

Local officials in Nuristan province say that thousands of children that have been deprived of education in recent years due to insecurities will be provided with opportunities to join village schools where they can receive education through accelerated learning programs in the province.
Saifuddin Latoon, a spokesperson to Nuristan governor, in an interview with The Kabul Times correspondent, said that those children that have been deprived from going to schools due to insecurities would be given chance to study in the province.
“With the establishment of accelerated learning program offering a community-based ‘fast track’ route for those who have been deprived from going to schools due to various reasons and want to complete their education, 10,000 children will be provided with opportunities to complete their primary education at new created village schools in Nuristan,” Latoon said.
He added that as part of continued efforts of the local government towards the absorption of donations for the province’s education sector, the United Nations International’s Children Emergency Fund (UNICEF) has shown readiness to launch 300 accelerated learning classes in the province so that those who have been deprived from education during the past years complete their primary education.
UNICEF has recently assured Nuristan governor Hafiz Mohammad Agha Hakim of supporting the province’s education sector and establishing the accelerated learning program is part of the organization’s program to be launched soon in the province.
According to Nuristan local officials, almost 700 candidates have recently taken part in written test for 300 vacant posts of teachers who will teach 10,500 students in eight districts of the province.
Meanwhile, provincial director of education for Nuristan province says there are currently 214 schools in the province where 43,000 students are receiving primary and secondary education taught by 1,600 teachers.
“The new accelerated learning classes will be created for 10,500 students in areas where they did not have access to schools in past years,” said Taj Mohammad Mutmaeen, Nuristan provincial director of education.
Local education officials have assured of providing better education opportunities for children in the province, saying that the education process is improving by passing each day.
Samiullah Momand

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.