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Thousands of cattle being smuggled daily to neighboring countries

The Herat Butchers’ Union reported the smuggling of 6,000 livestock from the country’s western province of Herat to the neighboring Iran.
This comes as the Islamic Emirate officials recently said it would stop any kind of smuggling to other countries.
According to the union, livestock smuggling from the province has doubled this year compared to last year, with 60 percent going to Iran and 40 percent to Pakistan; the two neighboring countries.
Abdul Qadir Rahimzada, Head of Herat Butcher’s Union said: “Our statistic shows that every day, between five to six thousand livestock are smuggling from Herat to the neighboring countries.” Cattle trafficking has caused an increase in meat prices in the said provinces, the price of each kilogram of meat has increased by nearly two hundred Afghanis. Afghans citizens are expressing concern over the increase of livestock smuggling to the neighboring countries, saying that the people need to escape the hunger crisis, but that Afghan livestock smuggling out of the country has increased their concerns. “We ask the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, to take necessary steps for the prevention of smuggling any kinds of goods to Pakistan and Iran, otherwise, our people will face many problems.”
One of the citizens of the province, Hakim said that he could not buy meat as he had in the past due to economic problems and rising in its price.
Hafiz another citizen said, “Eid Al-Adha is arriving and on this day, the people of Afghanistan have to sacrifice a cattle, so the price of livestock may rise and people may not be able to sacrifice properly.” On the other hand, smuggling livestock has direct impact on the market rates.
“Last year I bought meat two or three times a week, but this year I can’t afford, due to high meat price,” he said.
Herat Butchers’ Union says many people have lost the ability to buy meat due to increase of smuggling of livestock and increasing in its price.
The cattle first transported in large trucks from the neighboring provinces such as Badghis and Farah to the Iran-Pakistan border, and then it will be smuggled to those countries illegally, according to Butcher’s Union.
Abdul Qadir Rahimzada, head of Herat Butchers’ Union said that since last year, the price of one kg mutton has risen from 350 to 550 Afghanis.
“60% of livestock are being smuggled to Iran and 40% are to Pakistan” said Rahimzada, adding smuggling has increased to 50 percent compared to last year, according to our figures.
A local butcher in Herat, Abdul Ghafoor said, his number of daily customers has dropped from 50 people to less than 15 comparing to last year due to the high price of meat.
“Smuggling livestock has laid negative impact on our daily works, when the rates are increasing the people cannot buy meats said Ghafoor adding that when people buy less meat, our sales and profits are decreases.
Meanwhile, police spokesman of Herat Mahmoud Shah Rasouli said, that no one has been arrested in connection with livestock trafficking in the province.
But it has been said to us for preventing smuggling of domestic animals to the neighboring countries.
The border officials have been instructed to seriously prevent the livestock smuggling and those who attempt to, smuggle livestock will be dealt in accordance to the law, said the official.
Masouda Qarizada

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.