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Those tried should not be tested again

Reports said that a number of former corrupt officials, so-called political figures and some malicious individuals have once again met in Vienna, the capital of Austria. The so-called failed politicians and former corrupt officials have reportedly conferred on how to build a government in accordance with the people’s demands and a democratically broad-based system. According to reports from some foreign media, they wanted to promote peace and reconciliation in the country and most importantly want to run for elections to reach power and ride on the shoulder of the destitute nation. Actually, we don’t blame those Afghans who have already been tested, especially during the past twenty years of foreign forces occupation of Afghanistan, but some certain countries who are still interfering in the internal affairs of the country and are interested in the resumption of bloodshed in the war-ravaged nation. Those who have once experienced power, once again want to reach power to loot public property and invest in foreign countries and build high-rising buildings abroad. They still want to be the rulers, they still want to govern a nation, but not ready to serve them and this should be made clear that they want to serve themselves, their illiterate relatives and close friends, rather than the destroyed country and poverty stricken nation. The hosting countries are blamable for what the unpopular individuals and corrupt officials commit; as they hold meetings, conferences and gatherings to once again disturb the public minds in and out of the country. They are not accepted anymore. They are not tolerated anymore and they would be never welcomed by the nation, as they have tortured, looted and committed various crimes. Any efforts by them to once again reach power or even share power with the Islamic Emirate, is in vain. They had done nothing for the people and should not have expectations from them. So, some countries which are still hosting their meetings and consultations and their oppositions against the Islamic system, should realize the truth and the fact of the Afghan people and do based on the people demand not on the so-called politicians or opposition groups who have sought safe haven in still harboring and fueling conflict and bloodshed in Afghanistan. Also, the international community, especially, certain stakeholder countries in the Afghanistan cases, should not trust in them, but continue their good engagement with Afghanistan, under the Islamic system. They should come up with the Islamic Emirate based on the international standards. They should strengthen investment, develop economic and political relationships with the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan and help the Afghan nation get rid of the conspiracies, some malicious groups resort to.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.