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Thinking about nation’s prosperity a must

After the defeat and forced withdrawal of the U.S.-led foreign forces from the country and the establishment of an independent and powerful central government, the enemies of the Afghan nation have started their utmost efforts to create mistrust among the people and create problems for the Islamic system. Fortunately, with the support of Almighty Allah, all conspiracies and false propaganda of the enemies of the Afghans peace and stability were quickly foiled and the real facts were revealed. One of the most important of the programs of the vicious groups was the spread of ethnic prejudices, which the propaganda machine of foreign intelligence is trying to do their utmost to spread mistrust among the people, fortunately, all their plots and conspiracies in their true nature have been revealed to every Afghan citizen like the sun and foiled. We believe that all their slogans are not one-sided, the reason is that they have used all their power and strength to create challenges for the Afghans, but they failed. Standing beside them and helping them in the mass killing of Afghans is also based on this ethnic prejudice as well as knocking on the doors of the aliens for providing all-out support to the invading armies for years, is based on this feeling. Over the past four decades, the development of these tribal militias and also during the years of civil wars is not a story of the distant past, but even today, the whole generation is alive and clearly witnesses them. Therefore, the vast majority of the Afghan people are aware of such empty slogans and do not value them. By destroying the country and killing and persecuting the Muslim people of Afghanistan, they received nothing except condemnation and hatred at the national and international level. So, it would be better for everyone to fight against the vicious groups and the enemies of this nation and those against the wishes of the overwhelming majority of the people and find a place in the hearts of the nation only through those ways that bring security, prosperity and development to the whole Afghans. If someone has some common sense, he should think and work on the prosperity and development of the entire country and the whole nation instead of the few interests of the North and South, because in this way the whole country is being built and all people and nations can get prosperity and happiness.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.