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There will be no guarantee of returning global jihadists in region

Emerging global jihadism can be very dangerous. Taliban cannot guarantee to the US that 9/11 incident would not happen again. Few days ago, media reported that Hamza Bin Laden, son of Osama Bin Laden would change into a global jihadism’s key figure.
In fact, Daesh caliphate is about to be eliminated and probably al-Qaeda would once again organize a global jihadism. There is no doubt that Bin Laden’s son would organize incidents such as 9/11 in the US and other countries.
U.S. and Taliban negotiations in Doha seems to be reaching a key stag. US asks Taliban not to cooperate in global jihadism, but help them in fighting al-Qaeda.
Therefore, if all of the US forces leave Afghanistan, there will be no guarantee of returning global jihadism to this part of the world, a move would create problems to the US as well.
Currently, US is controlling global jihadim with its military and intelligence capacities in the region, thus, if it stops these capacities, incidents such as 9/11 would happen again.
Regional jihadist forces can be a big danger to regional superpowers and the US. Recent, terror attack in Kashmir could cause India and Pakistan to conduct military operations against each other. Because, India cannot tolerate any terrorist attack in its soil and will militarily respond that.
Indian nationalist forces support a war against Pakistan. They believe that even if nuclear weapons are used in this war, India would lose a part of its population, but Pakistan will be destroyed.
These realities cause that part of the foreign troops should remain in Afghanistan. Recently, US national security advisor in an interview with CNN stressed that his country would keep its counterterrorism presence in Afghanistan.
US is expected to keep its counterterrorism presence in Afghanistan.
In fact, terrorist groups such as al-Qaeda and Daesh are even the enemy of superpowers such as Russia and China and US forces presence in Afghanistan wouldn’t affect their security interests.
Global jihadism would benefit any instability in Afghanistan. Governments’ breakdown and ruling of jihadist forces is an issue that can’t be tolerated by world security system.
Thus, strategic security cooperation between Afghan security forces and their foreign counterparts is in the interest of Afghanistan. Afghanistan cannot support its security forces by domestic resources, thus, foreign alliances should remain in Afghanistan until the country economically stands on its own feet.
Lailuma Noori

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.