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The true image of Afghanistan

Following the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (IEA) takeover, western media, some international organizations and so-called Afghans that have supported the last 20-year occupation have started efforts to somehow portray the country’s economic situation from bad to worst and show to the world that Afghanistan economic situation is getting worse by passing each single day.
They are doing all this in accordance to a regular plan and increasing the distance between the nation and the government so that the people won’t trust the government anymore and leave the country in order that the new government faces with political and economic challenges.
This is not the true image of Afghanistan. It’s true that there are economic problems in the country, but it does not mean that the economic situation has increased following the IEA takeover or the government has not taken any steps in this regard or has no any achievements.
It’s true that with economic sanctions and continued political pressures, Afghanistan is facing with various challenges. Nevertheless, the Islamic Emirate has lots of achievements and is working hard to address the challenges facing Afghanistan.
Maintaining overall security and the formation of an independent and powerful central government is one of the achievements for which Afghans have worked for 40 years. Besides, key steps have been taken for self-sufficiency and economic development. For example, construction work on Qushtepa Canal and other national projects is underway. With the completion of the great national projects, Afghanistan will reach self-sufficiency in agriculture, domestic products and water supply.
Legally extraction of mines is underway. Last week, the country’s Ministry of Mines and Petroleum signed a 25-year oil exploration and extraction contract with CPEIC, a Chinese company. The export level of domestic products to foreign countries has increased comparing to previous years. Based on information from the deputy prime minister office, in the past nine months, Afghanistan’s exports level has jumped to $1.4 billion that shows 60 percent increase comparing to last year.
To summarize, Afghanistan is stepping toward self-sufficiency, particularly in economic fields. There’s a big difference what’s really happening inside Afghanistan and what western media reports. The Afghan people should not come under the foreign negative propaganda, instead, they should fully support the Islamic Emirate. The authorities should also fulfill their duties and responsibilities in a better way so that the country reaches self-sufficiency and development.
Abu Sufia

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.