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“The tallest tower of Herat has fallen”

In the past one year during which security has been satisfactory all over the country, I felt sadness for the first time that even my tears have come out of my eyes.
The pain of the martyr of truth and spiritual conqueror of historic Herat ‘Mawlavi Mujib Rahman Ansari’ is a pain that won’t be healed and probably his high position will remain unique and unmatched forever.
The deceased was a brave scholar and had a high personality.
He was an influenced figure who was attacked by the enemies several times, but still they could not achieve their vicious goals. Mawlavi Ansari was a real mujahid of the right path on which he’d put his step with full sincerity and chosen the path. The desire for martyrdom was a priority for him as he achieved the goal which is martyrdom.
The desire for martyrdom was a priority for him! Because his only goal was that which he achieved.
Mujibur Rahman was the only figure who bravely wanted to stop any devilry and hypocrisy as he had prevented them to a great extent. He was still standing against any misleading ways as he had shielded his chest full of knowledge to defend the religion of Islam against tyrants and oppressors.
Some time ago in great gathering of religious ulama, he clearly and bravely declared his position for the protection of the Islamic system.
Yet, the enemy must know that by killing the true scholars and courageous truth-tellers of this holy path, you will never achieve your vicious goals as the protection of the religion of Islam is in the hands of Almighty Allah and no one can extinguish the light of Islam.
All of us have chosen the path that has no return, until one day we dedicate our souls to Almighty Allah’s holy goals on this path and reach our goal which martyrdom on the right path, InshAllah!
On Friday, 2nd September, the true mujahid of the right path, Mawlavi Mujib Rahman was martyred by cowardly enemies in Gazergah Mosque of Herat province during Friday prayer. May his soul be rest in peace.
Amin Wardak

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.