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The statement of IEA’s spokesperson on the recent report of the United Nations Security Council

The 14th report of the monitoring and analysis team of the sanctions committee of the United Nations Security Council, regarding the situation in Afghanistan, the members of the Islamic Emirate and its impacts on peace and security of the world is biased and far from the reality, we express our stand as follow: The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan considers the continuation of UN Security Council sanctions and such reports as full of prejudice and in conflict with the principles of independence and non-interference and calls for an end to it. The accusations reflected in the report, that there are differences and disagreements between the leaders of the Afghan government, Afghanistan has become a safe haven for terrorists, drug trafficking is carried out by the officials of the Islamic Emirate, the monopoly of power, none existence of ethnic groups in the government structure, and etc… The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan calls the accusations baseless and obvious hostility with the people of Afghanistan as well as repetition of the baseless propaganda of the past 20- years. Rumors of disagreement between the leaders of the Islamic Emirate are in particular the continuation of the propaganda of the past twenty years. We strongly reject the assessment of this report that the Islamic Emirate is helping the opponents of neighboring and regional countries or using the territory of Afghanistan against other countries, from the content of this report, it seems that either the authors do not have access to the information, or they deliberately distorted the facts, or the source of the information is the fugitive opponents of the Islamic Emirate. The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan insists on its commitments and assures that there is no threat from the territory of Afghanistan to the region, neighbors and countries of the world and it does not allow anyone to use its territory against others. It is worth mentioning that the rule of the Islamic Emirate for about two years has proven our claim, as a result of which the relations of the Afghan government with the neighboring and important countries of the region are expanding day by day and IEA has made significant progress; this is the result of mutual trust. The Islamic Emirate notes that the cultivation, production and trafficking of narcotics has dropped unprecedentedly and the latest international media reports are clear proof of this. The Islamic Emirate emphasizes that the publication of such biased and baseless reports by the Security Council does not help Afghanistan and international peace and security, rather, it increases worry among the people, it doubts about the independence and impartiality of the United Nations, as well as strictly damages its credibility and reputation. All decisions of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan are made in the light of Islamic Sharia guidelines, bilateral and multilateral commitments and national interests, and it continues to interact with the international community to address common concerns.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.