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The role of sisters in Jihad

Hayatullah Muhajir Farahi

Deputy Information and Culture Minister for Publication
1391 solar year (coinciding 2012)

Without any material privileges, all members of the Afghan society took an active part in the fight against invaders, over the last 20 years of Jihad. They accomplished this duty with great sincerity, integrity, commitment and courage.
If it was not the help of these people in the holy war against the occupants, it would has been impossible for the Islamic Emirate to reach its goal.
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The plan was that any Istishadi (devotee) Mujahid colleague should carry out a special operation on a specific target and an explosive device has been provided for this purpose.
You know that in those days it was very difficult to transport explosives, the conditions were very difficult and the person who was arrested in such cases should have remained behind the black bars for years.
I shared the issue with one of my colleagues, Qari Sahib Badruddin (who is currently the director of Radio and Television of Afghanistan (RTA) in Farah province, we must say that he is very pious, pure, and a brave Mujahid and a good and serious person with high moralities) and he told me that he will inform me as soon as possible. After a short time, he shared this issue with his mother and she replied: “My son! I am ready to transfer this if you want.”
Qari Badruddin called me that his mother wanted to do the great job and that she was ready for this sacrifice.” I also agreed with him.
Two days later, Qari Sahib and his blessed mother came and gave her the explosives prepared for the devotee youth and then took the device to his place with great courage.
Undoubtedly, during the occupation, our mothers and sisters have attended Jihad alongside their brothers and heroes.
Once one of my colleagues, Dr. Baryalay, who had also been one of the prisoners with me said he had an old mother wishing him not to attend the war, because she had only one son (me). Then I asked him if he could take her mother near me. He agreed and took her mother here to meet with me. “Why you don’t let your son [Dr. Sahib] to take part in Jihad, while Jihad has become Farz, an obligation upon all of us including men and women even you, the women, because of the occupation of our country by the infidels,” I asked. I also presented other sharia-based reasons to encourage him/her to attend jihad.
She replied: “Okay, if this is so, I don’t want the only my son to return from Jihad and also want to wash your clothes.”
One of this old mother’s grandsons, named Abdul Saboor was martyred in a drone attack while another Abdul Qayoum was arrested during an American military ambush and sent to jail in the U.S.’s forces-controlled Bagram base.
The old mother has always wished to once see her grandson alive and then die with great faith.
After one year, her grandson was released from the jail and met her grandmother, while few days later he died too. (his soul may rest in paradise.)
Mohammad Sadiq who was one of my old friends, has provided one of the rooms of his house as our center. As the situation in 1388 (coinciding 2009) was growing challenging, few people were ready to obviously use his room as a center, while Mohammad Sadiq’s guesthouse was our compound.
His mother was lucky and pious who honestly served us. One day the area came under military operation and all residents of the villages left their homes, but his mother remained home.
“Mother! Why you don’t leave your home, while the whole villagers have already left,” I asked.
“When I leave, who will serve and cook food for you? I am not better than you,” she replied.
One of my friends Mohammad Isa Sajid who was a very brave Mujahid told me that there was a house, whenever they get it, the stove was hot and warm bread was ready. “Once we wanted to plant a mine alongside a road, from where the occupants’ vehicles would have been driven.
We waited for a long in the night, but we failed due to an inappropriate situation. We went to this house, where the hot stove and hot bread were ready,” he explained. Subhanallah, how this woman could serve us and other Mujahidin who convoyed the Mujahidin to success!
May Allah help the Islamic Emirate authorities to become the real actors of the people’s wishes and through the formation of a real Islamic system.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.