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The real meaning of an inclusive government

In these days, we hear a lot from different international organizations that negotiations should be held with the Afghans about forming an inclusive government. They do not give more details that what they mean by inclusive government, but still, some of them openly request that all the tribes have a meaningful presence. It is clear from such statements that demands for change are generally just an ambiguity. This is because they are actually looking for excuses to unrealistically blame the Islamic Emirate for not being inclusive, while their excuses are often ambiguous. Such pretense by the international community is a matter of surprise for the entire Afghan people because they say that there is a reason that yesterday a corrupt person was considered to be the true representative of a nation or a particular province or district, but today they call the incumbent Islamic system an unexclusive. Maybe the only reason is that yesterday they were popular with the same propaganda, but currently, they don’t have such relations with foreigners. This is why foreigners only want to see their own mercenaries in the government and want that once again Afghans are deprived of security and stability. There is no doubt that the whole world, including our neighbors, is only running after their own interests and evil purposes and certainly they don’t have compassion or sympathy for any oppressed, poor, or needy person. They create riots and seditions and enjoy the killing of millions of people, and cause to migration of thousands of people. On the other hand, the Afghan nation does not give any value to this kind of talk by foreigners and their only wish is that whoever the government is, should be independent and be the guardian of honor, religion and other spiritual values of Afghans and the protector of the country’s national territorial integrity and to be the servant of the people. The people of Afghanistan will never desire and claim such a government where two presidents declare their kingdom in one day and then a red prince comes and divides the power in half. Our people are very tired of this kind of embarrassment, of course, they will definitely despite providing sincerity, and good services, want an inclusive government. All ethnic groups, including those of social and professional individuals, should are treated positively and everything is not related to one group, one nation, or one region because everyone has suffered for achieving independence. Therefore, if there is not a powerful council along with the rulers and they are not afraid of the objection of the common people, there will definitely be shortcomings and a bad form of personal tyranny will arise. In short, such objections and orders from outsiders are never heard. It makes us workless, wastes our time and opportunities and leads us to evil corruption, but at the same time, we should recognize our interests and not avoid advice and reminders for further improvement.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.