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The purpose of learning and knowledge:

Today, most people get education in order to have good-paying jobs or earn more money in their coming life. Therefore, all such efforts towards getting education are considered as nothing, except earning money in life. It is needed that such minds among students should be ended in learning and education centers. The students and those learning and getting education should not only think of getting good-paying jobs or earning more money but they should think of being complete and good human beings, showing their hidden capabilities, teaching the new generation in a better way and serving their country and people. While studying in any educational or higher educational department, a student should pay consideration to first of all his religious and intellectual training as it is necessary and needed. If such a student becomes a doctor, engineer, economist, agronomist, scientist, or any other professional person, he must be a complete and committed Muslim to his religion, people and country. One of the biggest problems of the current curriculum taught at educational and higher educational institutes in Islamic countries is that students are taught or given the idea that in the Middle Ages, the whole world was in total darkness, while it was just Europe which was in Dark Ages. In Islamic countries, almost in all educational centers, there is an idea that the current scientific achievements and developments have all come from the West and Europe, while today the whole world accepts the fact that the current achievements and developments are all based on the inductive reasoning of our Muslim scientists and our strong scholars and scientists such as: Khalid bin Yazid, Zekria Razi, Ibn Sina, Abu Rehan al Birooni, Farabi, Ibn Maskoya, Ibn Rashid, Musa bin Shakir and others. Our students mostly think that they have learned or taken everything from others, while the Muslim scholars are the pioneers in the field of social and sciences and any other field. In today’s era, many people think that there are two fundamental ideas about economics science, and they are capitalist and communal systems. They consider Adam Smith as the founder of the science of economics, while it was Muslim jurists like Imam Abu Yousuf, Imam Mohammad al-Shaibani, Allama Ibn Khaldun and Shah Waliullah and others, who did lots of work in this field, but their names have been removed from the list. In Sociology, some may have dared to name Allama Ibn Khaldun, who was the first founder of this science, but in the current curriculum of sociology, it is not mentioned whether Islam and Muslims have done any work in this field or not. Saifullah Saee

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.