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The pain & sufferings of Palestinian women

She closes her eyes, filled with tears of sorrow, remaining over departed companions, She gazes at the land, where she dreamt of heaven, now drowning in gloominess, Where there was a flourishing garden of flowers and happiness in bloom, is now covered in rubble and her beloveds corpses lying underneath it, and, when her weary eyes glance at sky, she saw their souls happy in heaven, but here she’s left to suffer and mourn over deceased souls, her heart must ache from pain she got, she lost her people and land both, and became a refugee in her own home, She saw heinousness and brutality happening in her heaven, innocent lives succumbed to death, from bombs and hunger, she saw two sides of this world, on one side, a garden brimming with flowers and children playing in that garden and on the other, an isolated desert, where only mournful whispers and silent shivers remain, the land cloaked in innocent blood, dust veiling corpses, a child singing melancholy songs to his mother’s departed soul and a father weeping at his young, handsome son’s grave, She’ll remember how the whole world remained silent and blind when innocent lives were destroyed before their eyes, she cried for help and hope, but her tears were ignored, and when oppressor was labeled as victims and victims as culprits when truth and peace were cruelly beheaded on streets, while flags of evil and hate were raised high, humanity must’ve felt ashamed of itself, watching the brutality committed by its own kind, in that desert humanity was murdered by humans, She’ll remember us as cowards, who watched this tyranny happening with innocent people and remained silent, while she might forgive the oppressor, but those who witnessed this iniquity and wickedness, and did nothing will never be forgiven. Mukhtar Safi

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.