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The need for mechanization of Afghanistan’s agricultural sector

The world’s developed countries have worked hard for their people to reach the highest levels of development by using various mechanisms to strengthen and develop their national economy and then continued their efforts in the framework of sound economic competition for the expansion of trade relations with their neighbors. Some countries that have natural resources and reserves have strengthened their economy by using and extracting their mines and natural resources, while some others have developed their industry to produce high-quality products to be sold in the world market. There are also some countries that have strengthened their economy through balanced exports and imports. What should a country like Afghanistan do to stand on its feet economically? This is a question that has been answered by most scholars in the following text. Afghanistan is considered as one of the coun tries in the world that can only improve its economy with the development of the agricultural sector and reach self-sufficiency. When we talk about the mechanization system of the agricultural sector, we do not mean that the agricultural sector is mechanized by using cars, tractors, and other machineries, or that a good and positive result is obtained. Generally, the mechanization of agriculture is one of the measures through which a labor force of farmers is trained through a sound agricultural strategy in such a way that their physical labor is not that much used but instead increases the products. For example, a farmer works in his field from morning to night, but his income is nothing due to some shortages such as lack of water, lack of chemical fertilizers, and not having access to improved seeds. Fortunately, with the re-establishment of the Islamic Emirate, poppy cultivation has become zero in the country, which is a valuable step and measure. Just before the Islamic Emirate takeover, Afghanistan had topped in poppy cultivation, which had created problems for the world. On the other hand, all the benefits of the poppy used to go to the mafia, not the farmers. Currently, wheat is cultivated instead of poppy in almost all agricultural fields instead of the poppy, but unfortunately, the agricultural sector has not been mechanized in the country. The Islamic Emirate has already started efforts to manage the country’s water as management of water in the country’s river zones is underway to provide water to agricultural fields. With this, the country’s agriculture sector will be mechanized. The country’s water management was a long-standing hope of Afghan farmers, but why nobody has paid attention to properly managing the country’s water in the previous regimes? This was a question that no possible answer had been found as in the previous regimes, it was seen that no one was loyal to this country. They did not do anything fundamental for this country. All those who had the intention of betraying and harming this country, they were drowned in their evil intention and left the country. We have seen that despite the international financial possibilities, the authorities in the previous regime built neither any power generation plant nor any canal, while the country’s rivers flowing to other neighboring countries. Besides, they had no authority to extract their mineral and natural resources. There were all the facts that we used to witness in the country, but we remained silent, unfortunately. Today, we are fortunately on the verge of reaching our dreams one after the other, and a time will come when we will see our country developed. Sediq Logarwal

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.