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The Kabul Times receives congratulatory messages on its 62nd anniversary

On the advent of the 62nd anniversary of The Kabul Times:

KABUL: The Kabul Times, the only Islamic Emirate-run English newspaper, which is celebrating its 62nd anniversary, has drawn many congratulatory messages from a number of the Islamic Emirate authorities, including the Minister of Information and Culture and the Deputy MoIC for Publication Affairs. The Minister of Information and Culture, Mawlavi Khairullah Khairkhwa messaged to The Kabul Times daily Editor-in-Chief and all its staff congratulating the 62nd anniversary of the only government-owned newspaper. “Established in 1962, The Kabul Times is the only English newspaper publishing reports and other important information about the country and sharing them to those able to speak in English, particularly foreigners, as media has the responsibility to keep people up-to-date about fresh events,” said the minister congratulating its 62nd anniversary. In his message to the daily’s correspondent, Deputy MoIC for Publication Affairs, Hayatullah Muhajer Farahi, congratulated the 62nd anniversary of The Kabul Times to all staff and personnel of the only English newspaper. “The Kabul Times daily, in fact, is the only governmentowned newspaper, published in English language and is the language of Afghanistan to foreign countries and during its 62nd anniversary, it covered various important topics about introducing Afghanistan to the world countries,” said Farahi adding the Islamic Emirate, particularly, the Ministry of Information and Culture pays attention to the importance of the daily and is sparing no efforts to help for the standardization of the daily and covering fresh information, particularly about the events, the world wants to know. “I congratulate the great event to the whole hardworking staff, activists and reporters of the daily and pray for their further success,” the deputy minister hoped. IEA Permanent Rep-desig. to UN, Head of Political Office, The Islamic Emirate permanent representative designated to the UN and Head of the Doha political office, Suhail Shaheen, while congratulating the 62nd anniversary of The Kabul Times, in his message said that The Kabul Times has a special place among the government dailies and praised its work as the only English-language newspaper. “The Kabul Times daily is making efforts to successfully extend exact information, draw real features of the country and formal position of the country to the world in fluent English language,” said Shaheen in his message and hoped for further success of the daily staff and personnel. “Happy 62nd anniversary, The Kabul Times.” Mawlavi Atiqullah Azizi, the Deputy Art and Culture Minister of Information and Culture, also congratulated the 62nd anniversary of the daily and said he would do his best to share the first-hand information with the Kabul Times daily. “If I came this time, I would essentially meet with The Kabul Times daily officials from nearer. In addition, I would advise my colleagues to share important information with the daily staff,” Azizi assured. Nisar Ahmad

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.