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The Kabul Times experienced ups and downs in 62 years of its age

February 27, was the 62nd anniversary of The Kabul Times, the only Islamic Emirate-owned newspaper, being published in the English language. The government daily, with honest and hardworking staff has faced harsh conditions during its work to cover exact, unbiased and detailed reports about Afghanistan and share them with the world. During its activities as the government-controlled newspaper, The Kabul Times has made all-out efforts to reflect realities about both Afghanistan and its war-and-poverty suffered nation, despite deadly civil wars, with an ensuing direct occupation of the country by foreigners. The daily besides other government-run newspapers, by maintaining the justice-based policy of the Islamic Emirate, spared no efforts to cover events relating to the critical situation of the Afghans, in the wake of facing critical situation in terms of lack of standard materials and other publishing tools during its more than half a century. The situation in Afghanistan, for the last more than four decades, was satisfactory, with The Kabul Times, by publishing dozens of articles about national unity, fighting linguistic and ethical discrimination as well as inviting the entire Afghan nations of different tribes to get united and work for the welfare and prosperity of the country. Under the Islamic Emirate, although, The Kabul Times developed in terms of increase in the number of analysts, writers and authors of various topics, the daily still needs more professional official and nonofficial members. The daily, to secure more professionalism, regularly, launches transparent completion, to hire more skilled cadres and most importantly talented translators. The Islamic Emirate, particularly, the Ministry of Information and Culture should do its best to cooperate with the daily to increase both the quality and enrichment of its contents and the number of issues. The Kabul Times invites all writers and those interested in media activity, to join the daily and contribute to the staff and personnel of the newspaper in order to help raise the quality of the contents of the essays and articles, relating to the current situation of the country for further enrichment of the daily contents.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.