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The Israeli-Palestinian dispute; the start of Israel’s destruction

Since the dispute between the Israeli-Palestinians started and the Jews started to settle in this holy land, the hearts and livers of the Muslims, especially the Afghans, have started to be in pain. The dispute began in 1719 when Napoleon was defeated in the city of Acre in Palestine. With the defeat, he called on the Jews of the world to come and create a state for themselves. He also told the Jews of the world that France is the heritage of their ancestors, but the present opportunity would provide you a ground to have a separate Israeli geography. After almost forty years, the same idea once created by Napoleon was re-followed by the British, during which Palestine was under their control. The British also invited the Jews of the world to come and settle in Palestine. Before they started to withdraw their troops from Palestine, they called on the Jews living in Eastern Europe to come and settle in Palestine. The British started to train the Jews in their military bases, where they were given good combat training. When the British withdrew from Palestine, the Jews came out of the British military bases and attacked the Palestinians. The world, particularly Britain, the U.S. and France did this for two reasons: Firstly, the Jews are the most corrupt, miserable and despicable people in the world. The Christians hated them and wanted to get rid of this corrupt tribe in their home countries; therefore, they started to somehow encourage the Jews to settle in Palestine to create a state for themselves there. Secondly, the world wanted to give strength to a poor and unknown element in this holy land so that they would always wound the hearts of the Muslims and the presence of the Jews in Palestine changes to a dagger in the heart of a Muslim. In such a moment, the western world will rule the Arab countries and control their oil resources. In those days, the Arab world was the biggest exporter of oil and gas to other parts of the world. Anyway, Israel is considered as the most corrupt creature in this world. There are lots of narrations in Islamic books about the destruction of this nation. One of the narrations is that whenever the Jews established a state or government, their destruction would then start. The Almighty Allah says in the Holy Quran: “When the promise of the Everlasting Life comes, We shall bring you all together”. (104) Also, the Jewish religious leaders have the same opinion, and say that the Jewish state is the main reason for the development of the Jews and that their state and development will also result in their declination and destruction; Therefore, there are some groups among the Jews saying that the Jews should not have a state and their Torah also says that the Jewish state will face with the destruction as the Jews’ leaders better know this. The deceased, Sheikh Ahmed Yassin, predicted even the year of Israel’s destruction in his lifetime. He had said that the Jews would be destroyed in 2027. He brought the reason of Israel’s destruction based on the verse of the Quran. An overview of the barbarism of the Zionists Since the Jews started to settle and the establishment of the Israeli regime in Palestine’s soil, it has committed atrocities that have rarely been repeated in the dictionary of humanity. The whole world used to consider Israel’s military and intelligence as the most powerful force in the world, but the mujahidin of Palestine put an end to this false fear and invaded the Jews in such a way that the Jews’ false power and strength were destroyed. When this Zionist tribe found itself defeated and hit by the Palestinian mujahidin, they started blindly bombing the oppressed Muslims of Gaza as their continued bombings on Gaza have so far martyred up to 20,000 oppressed Palestinians, including women and children. As the whole West, including the United States, supported Zionist Israel, and the United States even vetoed the decision for extension of the ceasefire period in Palestine and expressed its disagreement with the ceasefire, no Islamic countries, except the Islamic Emirate, declared their support from the Palestine against the Israeli regime. The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (IEA) has denounced the United States for its decision to veto a resolution in the United Nations Security Council calling for a ceasefire in the Israel-Hamas war. IEA’s foreign ministry in a statement said that the United States is using global entities to advance its own goals. In another statement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, it was stated that the comprehensive and permanent solution to the Palestinian dispute was to end the occupation of the historical Palestinian territory and to give the Palestinians the right to have an independent state on their historical territory like other nations. The Arab world, which is currently completely under the control of the U.S., cannot show any reaction. Most countries of the Arab world have made agreements with Britain, the United States, France and Russia that they will never interfere in the Palestinian dispute and will never support it. From among the Arab countries, only the government of Qatar somehow tried to mediate between the Israeli regime and the Palestinians. The Qatari government apparently tried to extend the ceasefire period between Palestine and Israel, stop the war and start negotiations between the two sides but did not happen. In a statement issued in this regard by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, the Islamic Emirate thanked the government of Qatar and its officials for the mediation of this human sympathy and called the efforts of the Qatari government worthy of appreciation. Nevertheless, the Zionists did not extend the ceasefire after the six-day – ceasefire ended. The Israeli regime re-started bombardments on the innocent Palestinians in Gaza. To be continued … Munir Ahmad Tanvir

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.