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The importance of Palestine and its current issue

Why is the great forces much interest in the empty land and natural resources of Palestine? What is the real issue? What is its type and form? How did the Jews come there and how did their influence increase? Although the Jews are insulting the Jesus and Mary, why did the Christians support them? What were the weaknesses of the Arab rulers and why did they refuse to encounter with the Jews and Christians? Who stopped the Muslim armies from progress and going ahead? And who made them retreat? Who gifted this holy land of the Prophets to the Jews? Who dictated them to do so? What was their compulsion? Where was their pride and zeal? Is Israel really powerful? Is the Arab world so weak? Why did the Arabs raise the issue of nationalism? Why was the connection of the Muslims of other countries with this land cut off? Who forced the Palestinians to mi grate? Why did the neighbors tolerate to host the Jews? All these questions must be created with a Muslim as this land originally belongs to the Prophets and Muslims. Today, the Muslim is the only successor of the Prophets, whose followers are the Muslims. The Prophet prayed towards the Al-Aqsa mosque for 7 – 10 months and today this mosque is desecrated by the Jews. From this mosque, our Prophet went to ‘Miraj’ and led all other prophets in prayer there. The same mosque has the third rank after the Nabavi Mosque as one prayer is equal to fifty thousand prayers. So, will Muslims leave this holy place to the transgressors of Allah, the murderers of the Prophets, and the violators of all laws? If this does not happen, first of all, it is important to understand this issue and then do what you can. The reality of Palestine’s dispute! If the issue of Palestine is linked to the Arabs, but the issue of Al-Aqsa Mosque is linked to the Muslims of the world. Despite the fact that Palestine had been ruled by Muslims for a long time, and the Muslims must consider this land as their own according to their faith and beliefs. They should try their best to regain it and not be afraid of the power of the enemy as in reality, the enemy is not as powerful as it is thought. The enemy does not have that much faith and belief and is not economically strong as their whole economy is based on the reserves of Muslims and especially Arabs. If the Arab countries withdraw their money from their banks, they will face a great economic disaster and be in a very bad situation. Lecturer Saifullah Saee

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.